Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wardrobe (Malfunction) Wednesday

Today is the last day of my 30 day free trial of Adobe Lightroom and as you can imagine, I'm a little sad. Or maybe a lot sad, because after today, I will have to go back to editing my photos in Photoshop Elements RAW. Which as as far as complaining goes, I should just shut the hell up right now because Elements does plenty, but Lightroom is absolutely amazing. The presets, the vignettes, white balance, color sliders, I could go on all day... Reality check, Aliceson! As much as I would love to purchase Lightroom and know that I would use it all the time, with the Gardener not working and money being tighter than ever, I really can't justify spending money (even if I can get it for less than retail online) on a hobby when this month's mortgage payment is making me nervous. So for today, I'm trying to edit as many photos as I can before I get cut off. Including of course, a set for Wardrobe Wednesday!

Yesterday Binny hopped off the bus with a sad face and an open jacket. The zipper on her (hand-me-down from Mae) coat had completely disintegrated. A few weeks ago, the pull fell off so we clipped on a little green tag with a cow on it from the dairy lady (Wisconsin is the dairy state after all, back off California!) that came to visit her class. This time, the zipper had completely fallen apart but Binny insisted that Daddy could fix it. With a handful of broken parts and a needle nose pliers, the Gardener tried his best and managed to get it to work a little but without the help of a trained adult, there is no way Binny could take the coat off by herself. UP works great but down is another story. At home, that's fine but I can hear the phone call from the teacher now. "Hello, Binny's mom? Binny's coat seems to be stuck and she can't get it off. What am I supposed to do?"

Another piece of clothing on it's way out to the burn barrel.


Kelly said...

See this link if you are in the mood to stretch the life on that coat.

Sorry, I don't do HTML.

The pictures are really cute.

rachel... said...

Couldn't you just replace the zipper? I don't know how hard it would be to sew, but I had one relaced in one of the kids' coats last year at an alterations shop pretty inexpensively (compared to the cost of a new coat, anyway). May be silly now that it's spring.

Great pics! Care if I email you a couple hundred of mine to edit before midnight? ;)

Aliceson said...

The thought of replacing a zipper myself makes me so nervous that I may even break out into hives. So yeah that's out of the question but that link you send Kelly, is ingenious! Since the coat has served is purpose through 2 kids and Binny is almost too big for it at this point, we're just going to let it go.

Shady Lady said...

A daddy can fix least in the eyes of a little girl.

I want Photoshop day. It's just not in the cards at the moment.

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Dads are the awesomest. And those pictures are just precious.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sweet photos.

Kim said...

I've always been jealous about the quality of your pics.

Sorry you are stressing right now-- been there, still there from time to time. This too shall pass.

Riot Kitty said...

very cute pics!

LL Cool Joe said...

Aliceson, do you sell the kids old clothes on Ebay? I do, and you'd be amazed what people buy, as long as you are honest about the condition.

I love love photoshop but have never used Adobe Lightroom. There is so much you can do to photos in photoshop, but I think the "Elements" version is much more limited.