Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Mae!

As I write this, my house is quiet. My hubby just left for work, the kids are still asleep and I should be frosting a princess castle birthday cake, because today my firstborn turns 6. She has become an independent, strong willed, young lady and I'm actually OK with it. With the exception of the sassy comments and the almost constant eye-rolling I am quite impressed with who she has become so far. I know six is still pretty young, but as she pointed out to me yesterday she now needs two hands to show the world her age. Just wait until she uses one finger. This brave child has been through alot this year. This spring she was hospitalized for an entire week with a severe infection, and as her 6th Birthday greets us I am again reminded that illness knows no Holiday or special occasion. She will be going to the doctor again today (of all days) to see if the infection has returned. Her left eye has started to swell and this Mom isn't taking any chances even if it means the Birthday girl could have some blood drawn today, or even worse hospitalization. It breaks my heart that she has to deal with incompetent doctors, and insensitive family members with bad advice, but I keep hoping that this is just a bump in an otherwise smooth ride. So as the sun begins to rise, I will make that princess cake, wake my daughter with a kiss and a cheery "Happy Birthday" and try not to let a health glitch get in the way of her special day.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Post!

How Exciting! My first blog!

I decided to create a blog because I have to share my thoughts with someone other than my 2 young children, and my poor husband. Believe me they're sick of my ranting- so here goes the internet. Mom has arrived! I have 2 cute little girls and an equally cute husband (sorry honey). I would post a photo of myself but I'm the mom also known as the photographer of the family so I don't have one. I offered to show my husband how to operate the "big camera" recently and his reply was "can't you just do it?". So I do. That was the same response I got when I asked him to make his own lunch, followed by "but you're so much better at it" as if that makes me want to jump out of bed at 4 in the morning, make a crappy sandwich and shove 2 hot on the outside and still frozen in the middle toaster streudels in his hand on the way out the door. And I'm the one complaining? Really, I have it pretty good. I'm a stay-at-home mom, that's right I DON'T WORK, except for the part time job I hate, and the fact that I'm a Mother and Wife. When people ask me what I do for a living and I always say that I'm a Mom and the response is always "Ooooh, so you don't work?" Bullshit, I work my ass off but I have the luxury of doing it from my kitchen in my sweats, all jobs have perks!