Friday, November 28, 2008

I cooked all day and all I got was a belly ache

My kitchen is finally lit again (hooray!) and I celebrated by cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner for 7 completely from scratch- no tube biscuits, boxed stuffing or canned cranberry sauce. Being a lazy perfectionist, I wouldn't have it any other way, but I must say I am exhausted and don't wish to peel another potato until next year. The fam. seemed to enjoy my over-rated meal. By the time I sat down to eat, my mother and father-in-law had already finished one plateful and were going for a second. Good sign.

The one dish that I really didn't want to make was the hit of the table. No it wasn't snotty green beans (yuck x2) it was the sweet potatoes swimming in butter and brown sugar topped with caramelized marshmallows. I was planning to make the sweet potatoes with apples and craisins but I was outnumbered by a bunch who is just counting the days until diabetes sets it. The turkey was excellent too if I dare toot my own horn. I tried a new bird technique this year. I coated the turkey in salt (2 cups) and refrigerated for 2 days prior to Thanksgiving then washed the bird and did the usual seasoning and sage rub and cooked the whole business in an oven bag. Holy crap, that was the juiciest most flavorful turkey I have ever tasted. I will definitely be doing that again next year. Thank You Martha Stewart.

Hope all of you had a great holiday and didn't get trampled while shopping today. Yikes! I ventured out to hit a few sales and soon realized that I had made a horrible mistake. I should have thrown in the towel when only 5 minutes into the first store we had to find the nearest bathroom. Then the fighting- oh the fighting, and I'm not talking about the women hovering over the bargain bin, no no, it was my children.

I really wanted to find a bedding set because I knew that I would be able to find a great deal today. I found what I wanted but it happened to be perched up on the highest shelf of the completely crowded Boston Store. I wanted to just climb up and get it myself, but my oldest accused my of being unsafe (who me?) so I wandered around the packed store in search of someone to get it down for me. Luckily all of the employees were wearing ridiculous reindeer antlers, making them easier to spot. the woman threw down my huge comforter set and off I went now carrying this heavy over-sized bag, dragging 2 bored children behind me. I then found some bed pillows at a great price so I grabbed those with my one free hand, children now on their own and still fighting. Then I thought, I can still carry something in mouth, so I better see if I can find some matching throw pillows while I'm already in holiday shopping hell. Found the pillows, filled the trunk, and headed home.

Next year if I decide to do this again, I will be hiring a sitter.

Anyone else shop today?

Oh, and what do you think of my pink ceiling? It matches my dishes (Desert Rose- my grandmother's pattern) that I have used to decorate my kitchen. It's only paint and I can always change it, but for now I think it's pretty and unexpected.

Monday, November 24, 2008

*Updated with snow photos* Can I take back the nice things I said about my house?

Yesterday I decided I would paint my kitchen in time for Thanksgiving. Now that we have proper ventilation through our range downdraft vent, the walls won't get all greasy and gross. Except for the fact that I have a Saint Bernard in my house house, so my walls are always covered in some sort of drool-hair slime that can only be cleaned off with a Magic Eraser. So I perused our paint department in the basement to discover that I only had about a half gallon of the kitchen color left so... Off to Menard's with me and my "I promise I don't have to go potty before we leave, I just went" children. We get all the way back to the paint counter and Mae says "I think I need to go potty now." NOW, she decides to go. It always seems to be an emergency with her, so I drop off my paint request and run all the way back to the front of the store to the bathroom. Thank god we know our way around Menard's.

So I buy the paint, return home and start painting. I start painting the ceiling and realize that we still have that hideous fluorescent light fixture hanging above our island. I refer to the offensive light as The Big Buzzer because it emits this horrible buzzing sound- duh? So I say in my sweetest, dumbed-down housewife voice " Honey, will you take down that fixture and put something else up, please?" I should have known better. Let the complaining begin. Hubby now-"It's not that simple, I can't just hang a new light there, there probably isn't even a box, and if there is, how old is it, and what idiot do-it-your- selfer put it in? You know, this whole first floor needs to be rewired, and I've got so many other projects going on right now." But he loves me and knows that he's spent a whole week and a half on a project in his work van that has gotten nowhere, so he grabs his tools to start the investigation.

He removed the Big Buzzer and was right, the old crusty wires were just hanging out of the ceiling from some mystery box hidden way up in a buried ceiling (oh my) with even more unidentified wires hanging out of that, just out of arms reach. So instead of new lighting for Thanksgiving, I have swiss cheese ceiling and now no light in my kitchen, save the puny light over the sink and the newly positioned lamp on the corner table.

Being the smart electrician that he is, he will conquer this project and give me a beautifully lit Thanksgiving table...I hope. Remolding is his way of being romantic and sweet. Works for me. Like Red Green says " If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." Luckily mine is both!

And now totally unrelated to my kitchen

It snowed this morning! The girls were thrilled. Mae played in the snow for a few minutes while we waited for the bus.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Forgive me, I took 2 Sudafed Severe Cold before I wrote this

***This isn't heavy machinery....Right?***

I'm too sick to be funny today, so instead I give you photos of my children. It's just a cold, but it's hard to be the mom when all I feel like doing is sleeping. Lunches still need to be made, dishes need to be washed and put away, and the cows still need to be milked....... what?

Last week report cards were sent home from school. Get this, Mae got a needs improvement for Art class. Ridiculous right? Do you think I can ask for a refund for all of the arts classes she's taken?

Binny didn't get evaluated in Art.

And just for fun, here's an oldie of Mae on her first day of Art preschool way back in Sept. 2006

I found Binny's too. They had taken down the big chair by then, so she just stood in front of the big glass doors.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They don't make em like they used to

Back in early September on Labor Day weekend we had family here for the weekend. 7 in the house total all weekend, so of course my refrigerator takes a crap Saturday night after a big family dinner. At first I thought that it wasn't staying cold because one of the adults kids left it hanging open, but soon realized that our refrigerator was gone- never to work again. This wasn't an avacado green fridge from decades past, or the old style handle on the big heavy door fridges. My fridge was only eight years old and wasn't even used heavily for all of that time. I don't get it.

So Sunday on Labor Day weekend we had to go shopping for a fridge, all 7 of us. Meanwhile, we happened to be storing a spare fridge in our barn from a displaced hippie I know. Convenient, no? I opened the fridge and realized that we might all die if I put our food in it, so I washed it out with bleach water, plugged it in and left on the back patio. We sure know how to entertain for family. So on Sunday we bought a new fridge (bend over for the price) it works great and is much bigger, but how long until this new, expensive appliance becomes just a piece of un-fixable junk?

My washer and dryer have been in terrible shape for the last 4 years. The washer hops across the floor during the spin cycle and drags along with it some sticky brown grease that has been leaking from underside for even longer. The dryer door button has been broken for about 2 years and now needs to be bungeed on, otherwise the door flies open and it turns off. Lots of half-dried clothes here. And those are the 2 appliances that keep hanging on. We were planning to proactively buy a new washer and dryer but we frivolously spent our money on replacement fridge. Shame on us, the consumer for asking for major household appliances to last longer than 8 years. Hell, I know quite a few people who still have the old inefficiant models, but at least they work.

Well... I'm off to do laundry and chase my washer around the laundry room

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today my Grandfather (my mom's dad) turns 91. I know it's not "Today's Show" old or anything, but still impressive. Last year for his 90th Birthday our family put together a list of our 90 favorite things about our favorite 90 year old. Here are a few of my favorites, written by his wife of 58 years, 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren:

2. Conrad and I met in the fall and that winter the country roads were often closed due to bad weather. He would walk the three miles to our house once a week. Before he left he would say "Did you ever have the feeling that you want to stay, but must go?"
8. He wears a bright colored cap on his head so I can always find him.
9. A few years ago Conrad bought a pair of pants at the thrift store, and when I went to wash them, I noticed that I had hemmed that very pair of pants before. He bought them BACK!
19. I loved all of the wonderful stories you told us at bedtime.
20. I love how you make me smile when I talk to you on the phone.
21. Dad taught me how to Make and eat lefse.
22. Dad taught me how to fillet a fish.
28. Every year he calls to sing me Happy Birthday.
31. Memories of sitting on Grandpa’s lap as a child at the piano. He taught me my first piano tune-"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."
32. Is there any instrument Grandpa can’t or hasn't played with strings or keys? He is the most talented musician that I know. While I can play piano a little by reading music, I credit the ability to play "by ear" a gift from Grandpa.
36. Grandpa’s laughter is contagious. It will brighten anyone’s day. Perhaps it is part of the secret to a long and blissful marriage with Grandma. His "selective hearing" often gets him in trouble with Grandma , his laughter gets him out.
41. He taught me how to properly unhook a bullhead, because the pelicans need to eat too.
42. He has 2 speeds, the one he’s at now and one slower.
43. We learned everything there is to know about fishing; as long as your trolling a
spinner with a night crawler-you’re in business.
44. A man needs 37 radios in his garden shed and phone in the bathroom.
45. Eating breakfast at Hardee's and McDonald’s for decades is not as unhealthy as people think.
46. The term UFF-DA is a great way to express discontent, disappointment, or exhaustion without swearing.
47. Palmolive soap works great in the shower as a hair and body wash.

54. One of my fondest memories of Grandpa is when he sang "Somebody Loves You" at our wedding (and all the grandkids’ weddings since). He was a hit, and all of our friends and family loved it.

59. When I was a small child I didn't have much of an appetite, so Grandpa would always encourage me to be a member of the Clean Plater's Club like him. Now when my kids won’t eat I use the same line.
61. Knee Boarding behind Grandpa’s fishing boat.
62. Taking a pinch of Skoal Key in the boat.
63. Catching my wall mounter at Lee Lake.
64. Driving the truck on the gravel roads at the lake. (Drivers training)
71. Thank you for taking me fishing. Looking back on it, I’m sure that I wanted to go fishing more than you did, but you never let me know it.
72. Thank you for teaching me the virtue of carrying a pocketknife.
73. Thank you for testing my arithmetic when I was young and for always being willing to tell me a story.
79. Thank you for taking me to Mexico and Canada. Also, thank you for letting me have a cigar in Mexico and for telling Grandma not to get too mad about it.
81. I will never forget that grandpa was standing by my side on my wedding day. It was an honor to have him as my best man. It would not have been the same without him.
83. When I was younger I never missed a summer at Lee Lake. Grandpa would take me fishing and if I didn't catch a fish and it was getting toward the end he would give me his rod if he had a bite.
85. I love grandpa’s laugh. He and I call it the horse laugh. It will put a smile on any ones’ face. It's great! He will throw it into a conversation or just to change the mood.

This year a few of us chipped in and bought him a GPS for the car. He has been wanting one for a while, and we figured he's not getting any younger. I just hope that he can figure out how to use it. It's amazing to think of all of the technological advances that have been made in his lifetime. When he was a kid, he rode his horse to school, now he's got a GPS.

Happy Birthday Gramps!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Resistance of an Old House

Over the past 8 years we've done a lot of home improvement projects in a whopping 5 houses, so by now we're no strangers to demolition, messes, remodel and more mess. Even after all of the different types of houses we've lived in and altered, I'm always impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of this old house we're in now.

This house is roughly 100 years old and is the most solid house we've ever lived in. The wind can blow and blow and not a creek or moan form this old girl. The main reason I'm sure is that she's not been messed with. The kitchen had been remodeled sometime in the 60s and a bathroom had been added (the wonder of indoor plumbing) but much of the house is original. The windows had never been replaced, the siding is original and I'm convinced that the second floor had been closed off for about 40 years. It's was like stepping back in time when we first walked through. Some of the walls upstairs had never even been painted, the floors and woodwork pristine, as if the children who lived here were so well behaved that there was no trace of crayon on the walls, or broken windows that you'd typically find in an old house like this. The pride just oozes out of the floorboards. It's even more evident in the garage and barn where every oil change and field planted are written on the wall along with the phone number of the vet and the local co-op.
Without trying to take away too much of the character of this old house we have done some remodeling. We replaced many of the old single pane windows, repainted the exterior, painted inside, put heat in on the second floor, and the kitchen seems to be an ongoing project nearing completion. So that brings us to yesterday afternoon. My hubby decided that he would install the downdraft unit in our range so that I can finally fry bacon on my stove without setting off the smoke detectors. I now understand why he'd been putting it off for 2 years since we bought our fancy-schmancy Jenn-Air range. It wasn't that he didn't want me to enjoy the benefits of my "you paid what for that?" appliance but it's that our house seems to be resistant to modern conveniences. The same was true when he installed our dishwasher. Our house put up quite a stink about that one too. The floor in our kitchen is a whole 2 1/4 inches thick and the basement wall is 2 feet thick of stone and mortar, so drilling large holes seems to be an issue.

We did win this battle but I'm curious as to what she'll think if we ever decided to replace the old-style television antenna on our roof with a dish, or even add a second bathroom. How far in the future can we take this old house before she loses her composure and tells us where to shove our unnecessary modern conveniences.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Customer Service, My Ass

If I am put on hold one more time I'm going to scream.

Back in April, Mae was hospitalized for a week with a nasty infection that made her look like she had been in a fight, and lost. Whole story- I took her to the (on call) doctor for a sinus infection, she was given a Rx and sent home. Within 2 hours her eye had swollen shut, she had a high fever, and was of course vomiting- because that's always fun. I took her back to the clinic, she saw a different doctor, and he admitted her to the hospital. Turns out she had a serious infection in the orbit bone of her eye- Yowza! So after a week of IV antibiotic at the hospital and 6 weeks of 2 different oral antibiotics at home, she was finally better. She's been sick since, but not bad enough to need hospitalization, Thank goodness. So why I am so infuriated? This was waaay back in April, and I just now (6 months later) got the bill from the hospital. I even talked to them back in August saying I never received a bill and they corrected the incorrect mailing info and... nada. Really, I don't care when they get their money but one nasty bill six months after the fact saying I'm delinquent is pure baloney. I'm calling Bullshit!

So I called the hospital this afternoon to see what else they may have screwed up, and since I couldn't understand the guy on the phone when he mumbled his name at the beginning of the crappy connection phone bank, phone call, I'll call him Dick or Rick, or Mr. Asswipe, you get the picture. This was the customer service and billing department of the hospital, where they deal all day long with people who can't or for whatever reason won't pay their bills, so I know it sounds crazy when some woman who sounds like she's 12 calls and says she didn't get a bill. I know that, but just trust me Mr. Asswipe, I DIDN'T GET A FREAKING BILL. So after going back and forth for a while with "ya-huh," "na-ah", "ya-ha", "na-ah" he put me on hold, came back and said "yeah, ma'am you're going to need to make a payment over the phone right now." Oh no you didn't! Oh yeah, he done got me irritated. So my response, "I didn't call to make a payment over the phone, I called to tell you that I will start making payments because I just got the bill that said I needed to call before I did anything, or else" Back on hold. That's why I make these calls when my kids are at school, they would have the whole house trashed by the time I'd get off the phone, and that seems to happen more often than not, that they act up while on on the phone. So Dick gets back on the line with some crap about how they've been sending out bills every month, and I need to make a payment over the phone right freaking now. Once again a big fat NO from me, I even gave in and told him I'll mail out my first payment this afternoon (eh, maybe tomorrow.) Back on hold. When he came back on the line he said that he set up a monthly payment plan for me and asked me for the check # that I would be sending out this afternoon "right after you get off the phone with me, okay Ma'am?" What a Dick. By this time I was having fun with him and of course said no to the check #. "You'll get it when you get it."

I do realize that they earned their money for treating my child and they will get it, but not by bullying this mom. So watch out customer service representatives of America and parts of Asia, this woman has lost all patience for being put on hold, reciting account numbers, dates of birth, current address and all other BS involved in one of those awful calls. But remember "Stay on the line because your call is very important to us."

Just one of many flaws in our current healthcare system.

*After I got off the phone I doubled-checked my records and found no previous bills. I had paid the bills for the doctor and the bills for the special tests they had run, but never got this whopper of a bill until last week. I was right!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Is One Sneaky Bitch

WOW! We made it through the whole missed bus, bad mommy who forgot to send her kid with hat and mittens in 30 degree weather, crap-filled Monday, only to discover that her hat and mittens that I couldn't find were in fact with her in her backpack. To my credit (if there is any) they were hidden in the middle sized pouch, not to be confused with the slightly larger or slightly smaller sized pouches- damn foreign made backpack!

But our day did end on a slightly painful high note. When I got home from work last night I could tell something was up because Mae and my hubby looked at each other, smiled then tried to ignore me, while Binny bounds over and yells "MaeMae lost her tooth!" Then all hell broke loose and everyone started crying except for me because I'm all, "What the hell is going on and why is everyone hysterical over a tooth." It's well known in our house that Binny is a secret spoiler and has ruined almost every surprise that she's been in on. Our solution to that- don't tell Binny anything. But I think that Binny actually helped extract Mae's tooth so there goes my grand plan. Anyhow after we calmed them down, I heard the tale of how Mae lost her first tooth.

Ready? So this is how it went down. The girls were in the house watching the ever-educational TV and Mae starts working on her tooth. Where was Daddy you ask? Out in the shed because 4&6 is old enough to be in the house alone right? So, "back and forth, back and forth until... it went way far back, then way far front and then just like that it came out and it bled a little, but I'm OK and Binny and I were so excited and jumped up and down and hugged and we ran outside to the shed to tell Daddy and we even remembered to shut the door, then we told Dad and then we ran back in the house and I put it in a bag and I ran upstairs and I put my tooth under my pillow for the tooth fairy and I ran back downstairs and then and then, then I, what did I do next Dad? Oh yeah, I made a map for the tooth fairy because she's never been here before and do you think she can read my map?" (breathe Mae, breathe)

Very accurate, I must say.

So last night after she was sound asleep I the Tooth Fairy tiptoed into her room, snatched the tooth and left her a toothbrush with a dollar wrapped around it. When she got up this morning I could here her run down the stairs, swing the door open and yell so dramatically "She came and she brought me 2 things"

So this potentially tragic event went pretty well, now my worst fear has been realized- missing teeth in the Christmas photo.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I Hate Mondays

I just drove Mae to school because the bus was a whole 10 minutes early! 10 minutes is the difference between having breakfast and getting her hair brushed or leaving the house hungry with bed hair. So I chose to feed her, put her hair up in a ponytail and drive her to school. That also meant that Binny had to come along, I know my hubbby would have thought about turning on the TV, giving her a bowl of cereal and just leave her home for the 5 minutes it would take to run to school and back home, but that's not me. I don't even leave my kids in the car when I pay for gas, probably because I also leave my keys in the car. How would I explain that one? "Officer, I was only inside for a minute and when I came out they were gone."

So being stressed from having missed the bus, I hurriedly dressed Binny, put coats and shoes on the girls and we all jumped in the car and headed to school (me wearing PJs and sandals.) Mae hopped out of the car and headed for the door of the school, when finally after all this time, and seeing the weather report this morning I realized that it was only 30 degrees outside and had forgot to pack hat and mittens. Bad Mommy! I thought about just ignoring it, but I knew that she'd be complaining during recess, and I be the parent they're referring to in the note about proper winter dress, that would undoubtedly be coming home with her after school today. So I called her back over to the car and hollered "get back in" while all of the other parents who dropped off their appropriately dressed children were waiting for me to move my car out of the driveway.

On the way back to our house we got stuck behind a tractor going not more than 15 and couldn't pass until we were almost home. I ran into the house to discover that her mittens were missing so I had to give her Binny's mittens and a mismatched hat, then promise to buy Binny new mittens before she goes to school this afternoon.

Mae made it to school on time, now I'm just wondering if the hat and mittens will make it back home or if I should just stock up for the season.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Carrie Rodriguez Show And The Tallest Man I've Ever Seen- EVER!

Several weeks ago the local public radio station was giving away concert tickets on their website. Free shit's always good, right? I had hoped for the Dolly Parton tickets and a few days later when I saw the envelope in the mailbox I was so excited. But it wasn't Dolly Parton tickets (I think the Dolly show is on a Monday night, so we probably wouldn't have been able to go after all.) But I did win tickets... to see Carrie Rodriguez, who is also great.

So last night we packed up our kids and pawned them off on took them over to my in-laws for the night. Gotta love relatives who live nearby.
We went out for dinner and headed into the city for the show. The show was at the Pabst (yes, the beer) theater in Milwaukee. I had never been to the Pabst but heard that it's a great place to see a show. As we were driving around, and around, and around the parking garage we spot a couple walking from their car to the building. The odd part- the man had to duck under the sprinkler pipes hanging from the ceiling in order to not hit his head. He must have been almost 8 feet tall. Can you even imagine being that tall? He doesn't fit through any standard door, had to bend down in the elevator and how in the world does an 8 foot tall man sleep- standing up?

I am a very short 5'2" and have always wished that I could be a bit taller. I don't want to be super-model tall, but wouldn't mind a few more inches. But so tall that I would need custom-made clothes and not fit into my own house- forget it! This man towered over the entire crowd and at one point we were sitting four rows behind him and still had to look around his super tall silhouette. After the opening band finished we went out to the bar to get a drink and there was the tall man standing next to a floor to ceiling column with a poster on it advertising:

Pabst Blue Ribbon Tall Boys $3.00

My hubby insisted that I should take a photo with my camera phone but that just seemed mean, so I have no photo to spread on the internet.

By the way the show was great! Carrie Rodriguez was fantastic, as was the openeing band- Romantica.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Another Great Ad in the Squeak

Someone's husband is in trouble, I know that because no woman would hoist that heavy thing into the back of the wrong truck.

Very amusing, considering it's not my Bissel carpet steamer. If it happens that any of you reading this discovered it in the back of your truck, let me know and we'll get it back to it's rightful owner. Ha!

Also, thank you to everyone who has posted comments, especially Kathy- it's so nice to hear from family.

A Tale of Thanksgiving Past

I think it was Mae's first Thanksgiving way back in 2002 or was it 2003? It was Thanksgiving day and at that time we were still going to 2 or 3 Thanksgiving meals to please our families (especially with an infant) so this would have been the final meal for the day and thank goodness we had already eaten.

It started out with us arriving at my in-laws house and noticing several deer carcasses, some detached from their hides strewn about the yard in various stages of disassembly. Something very much to be expected from this group of men. My brother-in-law is an avid hunter and thinks it's sooooo damn funny to gross out the women with tales of shooting a fawn's mother, or the gruesome task of butchering the deer and asking "wanna help?" Maybe that's why he's not married anymore.

So we get in the house, I unwrap my sterile pumpkin pie and notice my father-in-law standing over the stove wearing his blaze orange hunting cap (which by the way never came off all evening) gnawing on a chunk of meat that he just removed from a boiling pot on the stove. I look at him, examine the meat and immediately think oh my god what the hell are we eating for dinner? Turns out that was not our Thanksgiving dinner, but it was the coveted deer heart. He stabs a shriveled up ventricle with his fork and says "Aliceson, try this, and grab me another beer." After about a minute of everyone convincing me to shove it in my mouth, I suck it up and take a bite. It wasn't too bad, a little chewy and awfully dense. I guess what should I expect from ORGAN MEAT?

Much to my delight, there was a turkey roasting in the oven with all the fixings. We all sit down to the completely expanded dining room table covered in Thanksgiving glory. They must have all been hungry after a day of deer slaying because that was the fastest prayer I have ever heard out of them other than the time at our wedding when we asked my Brother-in-law to bless the food and during his rambling into the microphone, he forgot! So after the hurried "Our Father" the food began to fly and believe me when I say fly it was because when my sister-in-law bit into a warm "tube biscuit" she realized that it was not cooked all the way through as did the rest of the gang, so my MIL, bless her heart, turns on the oven, grabs the baking sheet and says "throw em back on." In the midst of half-eaten biscuits sailing across the table someone bumps their head on the chandelier over the table and a bunch of dead bugs fall out of the fixture and into... the mashed potatoes. Grrross! I was apparently the only one who noticed and sounded like a real pain in the ass when I asked someone to scoop out the dried bugs, followed by a shout from my father-in-law in the kitchen of "it only hurts a little while" his standard response to almost anything. And you know what? He's right, none of us got sick.

Makes me look forward to this year's meal, although I think I will be cooking for them here. No heart, hopefully no dead bugs and heaven help me, no tube biscuits! Can't wait!

This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network as part of a sweepstakes sponsored by Butterball.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Time for Change

Since we changed the clocks back yesterday I have had a hard time adjusting. I've never really noticed before except the extra hour of sleep, which is usually very helpful. Maybe it was that my sleep Saturday night was anything but sound. Binny came down around 3:30 with a fever and a seriously snotty nose. After we got her some Tylenol and and a couple of good nose blows she crawled into bed with us, but by this time she couldn't sleep. About an hour later after being kicked for the umpteenth time I decided that I would take my sick kid into the living room to see if there happened to be any cartoons on the TV, and I lucked out. We laid in the recliner and watched cartoons until the Sunday morning political shows started. Then Binny says "Mom I'm hungry now." That was my cue to turn off Meet The Press and make breakfast.

Maybe we're all ready for this election to be over. Can you believe it's been two long years already? I never would have guessed that it would be down to Barack Obama and John McCain. What ever happened to Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Guiliani, and the rest of the gang? Does it all come down to the issues? I sure hope so, but how can anyone tell when the focus is on
hairstyles, $150,000 wardrobes, and false ads.

Vote Tomorrow!
Then hopefully we can move on.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lazy Saturday

After a night of Trick-or-Treating, Pizza and too much candy, we decided to sleep in and not do a whole lot on Saturday. It was a beautiful day (unseasonably warm according to the local Meteorologist) and this time of year, I'll take what I can get. So we spent most of the day outside. We burned a big pile of brush, and I put away all of my flower pots and hanging baskets. The remnants of my once beautiful flowers looked awfully sad after the frost had killed off most of them, or was it because I gave up watering? Either way it was time to go.

It was also one more day for our dogs to be able to lounge outside in the sun.
"Leave me alone"