Monday, June 6, 2011

Garden Update Just Barely On Monday

Monday Garden Club

So, I'm late once again with the garden update, but at least I'm posting this week.  Last week was a holiday and with company in from out of town for the weekend, plus both the girls and the Gardener home, there was no way Garden Monday was going to happen. I don't have a good excuse why I didn't post on Wednesday or really any day last week other than the truth that life happens and other stuff ends up trumping the blog. Stuff like Binny falling at the park, scraping both knees and the entire right side of her face then getting some sort of eye infection in the left eye 2 days later.  There was also a field trip to the zoo in there, several sunburns and a new pair of glasses for a certain 8 year old and enough good gardening weather to keep all of us busy and outside as much as possible.

First an overview of the big veggie garden, and the freshly planted corn field in the background.

Many of the seeds have now germinated and I plan to re-sow any plants/seeds that don't emerge by the end of this week. 
The entire 55 foot row of onion sets are up and growing like mad.

The broccoli and brussel sprouts are growing as well.

Like last year, I'm growing a row of sunflowers and pole beans together.  It was so much fun last year, how could we not try it again?

The strawberries are blooming and fruiting in there current home smack dab in the center of the garden for hopefully the last time.  The gardener just tillled up a new garden for me back behind the shed that will be our new berry garden.  I already moved lots of raspberry plants out there but I'm going to wait until after the strawberries fruit to move them.



Cherry tomato.

This is where the raspberries were taking over the garden living until I plucked some of them (just the new shoots from this spring) from their happy home in the big garden and moved them to the new berry garden.

The new berry garden.


After I planted the 40 or so rasberry plants, I knew I needed to water them, and carrying buckets from the house did not seem appealing to either of us, so off went the Gardener on his trusty 4-wheeler to retrieve this tank from behind the barn he had been saving to fill with water for the trees around our property.

And some of the plants were thirsty!

Also in the new garden is also where I stashed the extra tomato and pepper plants.  The greenhouse is finally, almost empty from all 6 flats of plants I started from seed.
There's lots more going on in the garden these days, but it's late and I still have some sun-burnt shoulders that are screaming for attention. Until next week...

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Riot Kitty said...

I am hungry just reading about the fruits and veggies. Nom!

LL Cool Joe said...

Poor Binny, sounds nasty! It's good to be busy, I am too, and haven't done a Wardrobe Wednesday for a while!

Wild Child said...

Mae is wearing glasses? Ah, that's when we hit the big time with the big boy. The girl just turned 8 as well, so we may be seeing glasses soon.

Jenni said...

Looking good! No more squash blossom poaching since I sprayed them w/cayenne water!

Out in Them Sticks said...

I love the new berry garden!... you'll be enjoying them for years and years!! I find the berries amongst the most gratifying to grow. So yummy and very little effort.

sheila said...

Great idea, a berry garden. I didn't start yet. lol. But you guys totally ROCK! I see in your pics you have sprouts of what looks like grass in the cracks of the dirt. Tell me... do you just let this go? What do you do? THis is my issue and I assumed I had to be grass free. But since you're the expert... do I have to get rid of every blade?

Shady Lady said...

Every time I look at your garden, I'm so envious. You have such an amazing space!!! I want a berry garden. We'll just have to find a of these years.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I'm always jealous of your garden. Looking good.