Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Garden Club: Minnesota Edition

So, did anyone other than Sheila noticed I didn't post a garden update last week?  Well, sometimes life gets a little crazy and I say to heck with it when it comes to making my self-imposed blog deadlines.  I had 2 weddings to photograph last weekend and both girls were in swimming classes every day for the last 2 weeks, so updating the blog just didn't happen.  Not to mention (although I will), packing for our annual trek out to Minnesota, spending way too much time at Costco getting new tires put on my car.They told me 1 hour on the phone, 2 hours once I got there and just kept increasing the amount of time every time I walked up to the counter and inquired. 4 hours and a $25 gift card for my inconvenience later and we were finally on our way to a weekend of fun, mixed with heavy rain and long rides in the car. Rain IS good for the gardens and that's what I want to showcase today.

Thursday night we arrived at my mom's house VERY late and went straight to bed, but when we woke in the morning we all walked out onto her patio to check out her not so little condo garden.

Most of her plants this year actually came from my little greenhouse when she visited earlier this spring.  She has taken good care of all of them and they are flourishing on her little sunlit patio.

Ground Cherries

Next stop on our trip was my brother-in-law's garden.  It rained almost the entire time we were there which doesn't really make for a fun trip to the north woods of Minnesota when you are forced to stay indoors. Just as the sun was going down on Saturday night the sun came out and we were able to go and check out the garden. 

And as soon as we finish our complimentary hotel breakfast this morning, we will get back in the car and drive the last leg back home to see what happened in our garden while we were gone.

Anybody else gardening this week? If so, grab the Monday Garden Club button on my sidebar, paste it to your blog entry and link up below with Mr. Linky.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful gardens. Love the patio garden.

sheila said...

Yeah, I love the patio garden too, I think I'm gonna do that next year, I'm sooooooooo sick of weeding! Hope the ride home is fun! And thanks for the mention, that was sweet.

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm in AZ at the moment and I have to say, our garden here, is better than he one in the UK. Maybe because a guy called Jesus looks after it for us? no really. :D

Lovely photos.

Shady Lady said...

Great gardens! I especially love your mom's garden. It's so much more manageable. :)

Riot Kitty said...

I noticed! Lovely flower pic.