Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pajamas, Lunch and Amoxicillin

I know what you're thinking. "What, no Wardrobe Wednesday? She always posts on Wardrobe Wednesday."

Well. I missed it this week. I was even given the perfect opportunity yesterday, being school pajama day and all but time was short yesterday morning, and every other morning for that matter. The normal hurry up and don't miss the bus routine was compounded even further by a thick blanket of fog that concealed the school bus until it was waiting at the end of our driveway.

My kids love pajama day. In fact as a special reward for good behavior last year, Mae's class chose pajama day over popcorn and a movie. That's how serious the kids (here anyhow) are about pajama day. I think the and a movie part of last year's pajama day was to lay down and simulate bed time. Those sneaky teachers, I bet they felt real sly fooling a bunch of 5 year- olds into rest time. Anyhow the girls were excited to be able to wear their slippers and robes at school but Mae did give me the stink eye when I reminded her that she would only be at school half of the day due to her doctor appointment in the afternoon. She really wanted to walk around the Library in her PJs but perked up when I said that she could wear her pajamas out to lunch.

We ate lunch at one of those semi-fast food places that serves only noodles. I'm not sure why the restaurant has a trendy adult feel and no kids menu when it serves the one thing that I would say 90% of kids live on for the first several years. Not that they asked Me for decorating or menu advice. Binny ordered buttered noodles which is basically 3 cents worth of wide egg noodles with a tablespoon of butter on top. Although she ate it, I did feel kind of ripped off having to pay the same price for my meal which was full of veggies as I did for Binny's nutritionally void bowl of blandness. Mae was a bit more adventurous opting for the cheesy macaroni noodles.

After our lunch, we stopped in to see my brother and since the girls were still wearing their pajamas, it was a great opportunity to change clothes before Mae's doctor appointment. I also took some photos with the beautiful backdrop that is fall.

Then it was off to Mae's appointment at Children's. We talked with the nurse practitioner and Immunologist extensively about Mae's test results with the exception of one the more in-depth immune complement tests which still hasn't come back. So far the information we have is that she has an immune complement disorder in the alternative pathway. Basically that's just a fancy way of saying that she doesn't fight off bacterial infections as well as she should. There was talk that if her situation becomes worse that she may end up going on chronic antibiotics but at this point both the doc and the nurse practitioner thought that was too drastic. And I completely agree. While we were there, I also wanted them to look in Mae's ears because when I picked Mae up from school, her teacher said that she was complaining of ear pain earlier in the day. Sure enough Mae's left ear was just starting an ear infection so they prescribed an oral antibiotic. I was just thankful that we could take care of it there. I even had the prescription filled at the hospital's pharmacy so we could get a dose in her right away and not have to make an extra stop on the way home. The immunologist wants to see her again in 6 months to follow up and check her progress. I was also given strict orders to call them if her health changes in any way. They also said that if she should need to be hospitalized, they want her down at Children's. She is free to see her primary doc but if a severe infection develops, they'll want to see her ASAP. I guess this news was about as good as I could hope for with of course the exception of the ear infection but at this point ear infections seem like small potatoes to us.


rachel... said...

Our kids get a pajama day in kindergarten, too, and my 4th grader STILL talks about it like it was the highlight of her life.

What awesome pics, Aliceson! I'm very impressed and SO jealous. I love the one blue eye...

Well, that's great that you've got an official diagnosis, right? Is there any way to prevent recurring infections (besides the chronic antibiotics - which don't seem right to me, either) or is it just that you'll have to treat those that come up?

And what's the name of that noodle place? We don't have anything like that around here but my kids (and the carb junkie in me) would LOVE that!

Aliceson said...

Other than chronic antibiotics there isn't much to be done.

The noodle place is called Noodles. Clever name huh?

Wild Child said...

As in Noodles and Company? Yes, it is a bit of a rip off, but I feel better taking my kids there than McDonalds.

We may think of medicine as a science, but really it ends up being a lot of guesswork. Chronic anti-biotics does not sound fun. I would have to think she'd get way worse before you'd have to opt for that. I'd think...

Aliceson said...

you're right, it is Noodles and Company!

Riot Kitty said...

I have an axe to grind with Noodles and Company. They put garlic in EVERYTHING - even their mac and cheese - I cannot have more than a teeny bit of garlic or I get sick. Garlic in mac and cheese?! WTF?

Kelly said...

I love Noodles as much as the next gal, but I have a really hard time paying that much for something I can make at home for pennies. Violet will not eat the over cooked and seasoned veggies that most restaurants serve.

Um, they should totally have consulted A MOTHER about their menu etc. Don't they know we hold all the power?

I love Mae's eye peeking through the leaves.

Fingers crossed, good thoughts, rainbows and puppies!

LL Cool Joe said...

Lovely photos as always Aliceson. Can't say that any of us eat noodles, or McDonalds for that matter.

Out in Them Sticks said...

I'm so looking forward to taking my kids out to lunch on dr. appt. days... reminds me of the bonding time I had with my mom.

It's crazy people raise there kids off fast food anything. It's nice when eating out is a rare, special TREAT. That's how it should be!

I'll keep little Mae in my prayers.

sheila said...

my kids loved pj days too.

Sorry about Mae's ear infection, but how great that you were able to find out without going back a day or so later.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the outdoor pics~ I think this fall has shown some of the BEST colors that I've seen in YEARS!

T. Anne said...

I love your new picture! Praying for your little one. Big Hug!

Mommy Cracked said...

Poor baby girl...I hope she can stay as healthy as possible so she won't have to have so many antibiotics.

Your pictures are incredible....those gorgeous fall colors are so beautiful to look at!

Debbie said...

Pajama day as always a blast. They still have it in middle and high school here occasionally but the kids are very reluctant to participate at those ages.