Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Take That Back

Funny thing. Last night before the sun went down, all four of us went for a walk around the yard looking at all of the new trees the Gardener and the girls have planted recently. Basically I was the only one who hadn't seen all of the yard progress beyond the vegetable garden. We walked out to each of the 19 new trees, around the barn and sheds, through the orchard (which is way too fancy a name for the area where we grow our apple tress), across the driveway and into the vegetable garden.

Then I started to panic.

Me: Honey, what happened to the brussel sprouts?
Gardener: "What do you mean? I mowed them."

Holy Hannah! 6 stalks of brussel sprouts eaten by the lawnmower. Gone! Nothing left of 'em. Apparently there was a communication problem. Sunday, after I pillaged the garden one last time for the summer stuff, I told him to take everything out but the brussel sprouts, carrots and we decided to leave the pepper plants too. He claims that I said to pull everything including the brussel sprouts. I certainly don't remember that exchange but I guess that's what makes this whole thing so complicated.

I thought for sure he was joking when he said that he mowed them. Brussel sprout stalks are huge and woody, I had no idea the lawnmower was powerful enough to do such a thing. I looked around for any survivors, but they were gone, just a whole lot of shredded green plants and a few stumps sticking out of the ground. The pepper plants and carrots were spared, we still have those.

So I guess our brussel sprout harvest will be smaller than last year's.
last year's sprouts

I'm just glad that I pulled a few before this happened and tucked 2 bags away in the freezer.

The things that test a marriage, I tell you!

*I was only joking about the last part. We're fine. No need to email me the contact info for a marriage counselor. But if you know anyone that specializes in food hoarding, that may be helpful.

**again. joking.


Karly said...

Wow! I've never seen brussel sprouts from a, you know, plant before. I've only ever seen them on my grandma's table on Thanksgiving. Freaky looking things, aren't they?

JennyMac said...

I am quite impressed that you grew that!

And I totally got you were joking. LOL.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

The are impressive looking.

LL Cool Joe said...

You don't think it's possible that your husband just can't stand Brussel sprouts, and thought this was a good way of not having to eat any? ;)

Riot Kitty said...

Sorry to laugh, but Mr. RK and I can't stand brussel sprouts, so if he did that, it would probably earn him some nooky ;)

WackyMummy said...

Yeah, I'd be okay if the brussel sprouts were mowed down. I'll bet your kids won't be whining about it, either. ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

sheila said...

sorry, but that's just a great chuckle! lol!

I've never seen brussel sprouts on a branch or whatever you call it. That's amazing. That's my 'learned something new' for today. :)

Wild Child said...

I knew how brussel sprouts looked on their plants, but that was a great picture to show the kids. Despite the fact that they hate brussel sprouts. So does Mr. Wild for that matter. When I was at home alone for over a week, I ate all the foods that I never eat with the fam around and brussel sprouts (frozen) was one of them. Not as good as fresh, I am sure.