Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Garden Club

All last week we were promised warm summer-like weather but it turned out to be very windy and cool. I had big plans to do some major yard work over the weekend, and I did, but I didn't stay out for very long. All of sudden last night around 6 pm the wind stopped and the air turned very warm. Like 70 degrees warm! The Gardener decided to go outside and work up the dirt around the fruit trees.
He also moved a peach tree to a more sheltered location behind the barn. Have I mentioned that it's really windy here?

The rhubarb have started to grow. I'm thinking that by the end of the month, I'll be picking rhubarb.
Even if the Spring weather is unpredictable, gardening in the basement is a great alternative.

Last week I noticed that one of the light fixtures was not working. Good thing I happen to a have a full time electrician with a lot of extra time on his hands living right in my house. His expertise comes in handy more often than you would think. Anyhow, he swapped out the bad fixture with a spare he had in the barn. He also altered the chains so that I can move them myself without fear of the whole setup falling from the ceiling.
Everything is growing nicely. Over the weekend when the weather was terrible, I thinned out the tomatoes and pepper plants and ended up transplanting most of them into a spare tray I had. I also learned that it's a good idea to take my cell phone down to the basement with me. The gardener came down to tell me something and as he left the basement, out of habit and totally accidental, he locked the door behind him as he left. An hour later when I was ready to come upstairs, I couldn't get out. I banged on the door a few times but I knew that was pretty much useless. Once I discovered my cell phone in the back pocket of my blue jeans, I gave him a call and he came down to let me out.


Bell and Jalapeno peppers

I have also been getting a peek at some other gardeners' seedlings. My in-laws were out of town last week so we stopped by a few times to water their seedlings and feed the fish. Also I saw a friend over the weekend and checked out her indoor seed starts. She has radiator heat in her house so she set the seed flats right on top of the radiator in front of a sunny window. Perfect location and no need for a heat mat.

Now for all you gardeners out there who wish to participate, either leave a comment on what's growing in your basement yard, or post a Monday Garden Club update on your blog. Don't forget to drop your link in the comments and I'll add it to this post.

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Out in Them Sticks said...

I didn't realize the rhubarb grew so quickly? I learn something new all the time with your blog.

We have the first shoots off of ours rhubard too but I don't know whether or not I can harvest them the first year. I guess that'll take a little research.

Do the strawberries die back all the way to the crowns each year?

Riot Kitty said...

And, it's 30 degrees warmer where you are!

Shady Lady said...

Well check you out! Love the basement garden. I'm starting to feel jealous... Next year we'll have a garden. And maybe I'll even be brave enough to start from seed!

sheila said...

We started our garden in our peat pots. Now I have to get a certain someone to til me some soil, lol. I might attempt it, but I dunno. I like my toes and fingers at the moment. ;O)

Jenni said...

Oh, I love rhubarb! I used to eat it raw w/salt when I was a kid.

Things are looking great.

Teresa said...

Oh Poor Okra. No one cares and it is never planted with the other garden vegetables. :( I have started a whole flat and they will have the garden all to themselves.