Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

I know I have posted a variation of this outfit before but I think it's worth doing again.MaeMae and Binny are as excited about spring and summer fashions as I am excited about my new greenhouse. Seriously I think we all have spring fever, only one problem for them. The weather is only warm and sunny if you are in the greenhouse!
They have been dying to wear shorts and summer dresses and they have but it's just not possible every day. Like yesterday, Binny wanted to wear this little pink outfit, but at only 45 degrees, there was no way I could send her to school like that, and suggested that she wear a pair of jeans and a sweater. Then in Binny's dramatic style, she holds up one finger, arches her back, raises her eyebrows and says "I know! Mom, you find me some tights and I'll go grab my pink shirt!"
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Kelly said...

Violet asks me for a weather report every morning, so that she can better coordinate her look for the day.

I could eat stripes with a spoon. Too cute!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

We love stripes in our house too.

Jan said...

The child is obviously brilliant. And darn cute, too.

Shady Lady said...

You can never have too many stripes!!

sheila said...

Oh she IS a fashionista! She reminds me of my MC at that age.