Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Garden Club

I sure hope that last week's little snow surprise was really the last for the year. Seriously, I don't know if I can handle another blow like that especially with a basement full of plants that could migrate outside very soon.

The weather over the weekend was gorgeous and a perfect opportunity to get started on an outdoor project. When we bought this house, almost 4 years ago now, a new mound septic system was installed and we never got around to doing anything with the dirt that the excavator pushed around the tanks. The weeds would grow up around where ever the Gardener couldn't get in with the lawn mowers. Beautiful. We tilled it up last year but never planted anything in the space. Finally, this spring I decided that come hell or high water, I was going to get that poo tank flowerbed done. Just so happens some friends of ours are taking out a giant flowerbed and had some spare plants. FOR FREE! How sweet is that? I filled up the back of the truck Saturday afternoon and had them all planted before any of them even started to wilt. The plants were all at a great size to move (not too big yet) and the roots were very healthy looking. Binny came along and was occupied with finding and collecting worms as I would dig them up or as they would crawl around in the back of the truck. Good times. Thanks L for the plants!
Stella d'Oro Lilies
Shasta Daisies

The tulips are almost ready to pop

and the trees are finally starting to grow some leaves.

The inside plants are continuing to grow very well.

Some of the veggie plants are kind of scraggly and a few are even growing sideways but otherwise they seem to be very healthy.

Most of the tomato plants have straightened out and are growing like crazy. I can already tell that I'm going to have many more plants than I'll need.
If I'm going to start putting some of the veggie and flower flats outside, I'll need a place to put them. Good thing I have a guy that can build anything. He started yesterday by looking through our stock of old storm windows (I sure hope he didn't mistake those for some we still use...) and dissembling an old go-kart for the wheels and an axle.

One side will hinge down to access the plant shelf and it will either move like a wheelbarrow with a stand in the front or it can be towed by the ATV, all depending on what other parts and pieces are readily available.

Hopefully by next week, it should be ready for use. You know I'll have pictures!

This week 2 of my wonderful readers have joined me in showing off what's growing. Check them out!

Ma Vie Folle

Out In Them Sticks


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I was so planning on participating today but our plants are not doing very well. They were skinny little plants but now they are dead skinny little plants. I think hubby over watered them. I guess we need to start over.

Out in Them Sticks said...

I love the new contraption the garden is building. Nick could take a few notes.

Have y'all decided on chickens yet?

Oh, and the blue potatoes stay blue when they are cooked. Adirondack blue is what they are called. i picked up a couple from the local co-op. :)

Riot Kitty said...

Hooray for plants! I keep forgetting to send you pics...or links...but I have an urban indoor garden, so does that count?

Shady Lady said...

Your plants are beautiful! Isn't it nice to have a handy guy around?!

Jan said...

I bought a couple of "peat trays" last weekend and will be seeding them this Saturday - that should give them enough time to sprout well before we plant the majority our vegetable garden over Memorial Day weekend. We have planted some asparagus and rhubarb in one bed, as an experiment, as well as a blackberry bush (if it does well, I'm planting another next year as well as a couple of blueberry bushes).

Not bad for a couple of suburbanites. LOL

I LOVE Spring!!!

sheila said...

I don't get why your plants are always like shorter and leafier...whereas mine are always tall and lanky.