Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Fools

Our puppy, Flash had an appointment at the vet's office today for his second of three round of vaccines, so we were forced to go into town on this cold and windy day after Thanksgiving. While we were in town, we decided to return some leftover duct work from a recent heating project the Gardener is working on. Basically, he's adding heat to the upstairs of our 100 year old farmhouse. We installed some electric baseboard heat in the girls' rooms when we moved in 4 years ago, but the intention was to always add duct work to tie in to our furnace that currently heats the first floor. Long story short, after a week of cutting holes in the plaster ceilings and banging on metal tubes and lots and lots of mess, we now have some heat upstairs. Hooray! Anyhow, we had stuff to return to Menards. Since we were in town anyway, we thought we would quick take care of our non black Friday shopping on the biggest retail day of the year. Not smart.

First of all, the driving was madness. Why must these self described bargain hunters all park their huge SUVs at the entrance of the store or in the middle of the aisle of the parking lot and just assume that the other drivers (all about as brilliant) will drive their equally ridiculous vehicles* around them? JUST TO GET A BRITA WATER PITCHER AT HALF PRICE. Insanity, I tell you! I can only assume that was the big sale item because after driving around the parking lot looking for a parking space and failing to find one, I dropped off the Gardener at the main entrance with his returns and headed over to the loading area to wait for him and noticed that almost every person leaving the store had a Brita box in their carts. Everyone but my husband, who went to the HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE with the sole intention of buying items to IMPROVE OUR HOME. What fools are we?

It's going to be a long holiday season.

*I apologize to drivers of SUVs for my wild outburst, but honestly, your cars are DAMN big and a little obnoxious, especially when occupied by only one person.


Sassy Sassy said...

I don't actually buy anything on Black Friday. But I might show up just to watch the fights. Hehe. :o)

LL Cool Joe said...

What is black friday??

Riot Kitty said...

LOL! Totally agree with you. I don't leave my house on this day until after lunch, when most of the fools have gone home and collapsed after hitting the 5 am sales.

Glad you have heat again!

Sidhe said...

Kept my SUV at home and shopped online...can't stand the crowds and, of course, I already have a's environmentally responsible and ostensibly makes up for the huge SUV...okay, maybe not...but the SUV is a economical reality following a silly Mercedes Benz phase that just could not roll over into something smaller (well, now that my gas-guzzling SUV is paid for it's just not as heinous as I used to think).

sheila said...

This was the first time in a decade I ventured out on BF. It was exciting, lol. Only because I saved a lot of money on the little purchases I made. But yes, people are INCREDIBLY rude!!!!!!!! I was not impressed by all the people waiting in line at 5 in the morning holding toddlers or INFANTS...yes...infants.
(on a bitter cold and sleeting morning in Cleveland)

Bonnie said...

I'd be right there with you. In Canada we have no such thing until Boxing Day and my husband ventured out one year to get a laptop before starting school.

I do drive one of those big darn SUV's but I wasn't offended by your worries. I drive a suburban because I have 4 children and live in a rural area. I was so tired of getting stuck in the van.

Great post.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I didn't even leave the house yesterday. I did shop on-line. Way easier.

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Tee hee... I don't do Black Friday. Well, actually this year I went to Michael's at 4pm... and it wasn't more crowded than usual (hooray), AND I left my big ass SUV at home and drove the convertible instead. You would have loved me!! ;-)