Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RTT: Hot Grapefruit And A Mystery House Guest


It's been so incredibly long since I've done the Random Tuesday thing. Good thing it's one of those things you really never forget. Kind of like how you can remember your phone number from childhood (Back when there was one phone number for an entire house full of people and the phone had a cord on it.) but often forget your current phone number. Wait, perhaps that's just me. 222-8896. ???-???? Anyhow, Random Tuesday Thoughts it is! Go visit Keely for the whole RTT line-up.

*For those of you paying attention, November was NaBloPoMo which plainly means National Blog Posting Month. I had pledged to post something (anything!) to my blog each day in the month of November, but as you can tell by the post count under the month of November in my sidebar, that didn't happen. FAIL. To be fair though, November was one hell of a sucky month. So much going on, and even when I did have time to post, I wasn't feeling it and usually ended up fooling around on Facebook instead of coming here to post such gems as:
I awoke to an asshole on a 4 wheeler tearing around the yard and his girlfriend peeking in the living room windows, making faces at Binny and Mae. No intruder, just Uncle B doing what Uncle B does best.

I should really be editing photos and cleaning my house, instead I'm off to buy a snow plow blade from some guy off of craigslist. The shit I do for family...

Binny requested an orange for snack, then spit it out claiming it was "too bony."
*Thanksgiving was fine. Not bad, not great, but fine. I cleaned, I cooked, I ate, I cleaned some more and everyone else pretty much just ate. Actually, the Gardener was quite helpful but still the majority of the work was mine. Not that I mind entirely. You do remember what Thanksgiving at my in-law's is like, right?

*I'm enjoying my first Hot Grapefruit of the season. Yumm! Hot grapefruit is basically just warmed grapefruit juice, but I always squeeze a fresh grapefruit for this special drink. I also add about a tablespoon of sugar to my warm cup of pulpy goodness to offset the tartness.

*After finishing up the heating project we were working on upstairs, we decided to finally finish off the last bedroom in the house for the Gardener and I. We spent the last 2 days clearing out the room (our current storage area) and painting the previously bare walls. Not a drop of paint has ever touched those walls in the 100 years this house has been standing, so we were extra careful to tape up all of the woodwork making sure not to slop it up full of paint splatter. Today, I will finish by removing all of the tape and giving all of the woodwork a good cleaning and hang some blinds in the windows. Then to move the contents of our bedroom up there. Oh boy. All in preparation for a very special house guest who will be arriving on Sunday and staying with us for 2 weeks. Any ideas who our guest will be? Here's a hint: I've been checking around to get the dates and times for all of the local BINGO games for something fun to do while he/she is here.

* Our puppy Flash is growing like a weed! Or maybe he's growing like a flash... or in a flash. We had him to the vet on Friday and he weighed in at a whopping 23 pounds at 12 weeks old. That means he has gained 13 pounds in only 4 weeks. I don't think he's even eaten that much food in the 4 weeks he's been here! A healthy rambunctious pup with an insatiable chewing habit. He seems to have a thing for socks and underwear. Doesn't matter if they are clean or dirty, he'll pull them right out of the laundry basket and shred them before we even notice he's left our sight. Little shit.

That's about it for me today now that my Hot Grapefruit is gone, but I'm seriously considering making another cup because it was THAT good.


Christina said...

Funny, I still remember both of the phone number from when I was a kid, before you had to dial an area code to make a call. Bony oranges? Where do you shop?!

Riot Kitty said...

Hot grapefruit and bony oranges! I had no idea there was such excitement in going on in the fruit world...

sheila said...

Glad the pup is doing so well! And um... I wonder how many other people reading your blog right now are trying to remember their childhood phone number. Not having any success here, lol!

Hanna said...

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Take a peek at my giveaways when you stop by. I've got 4 amazing handmade ones going on now:)

unmitigated me said...

KEnwood 7-3877. But it got changed (for some reason) to WEstwood 7-8828. And I still remember the phone numer of the home improvement company from the commercials "call TYler 8-7100 for a home improvement date!" Mr. Belvedere!

Mama Zen said...

Too bony? That's one I haven't heard!