Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Goodness- Cleaning Out A Cluttered Drawer

My friend, Wild Child has been doing a thing over at her blog called Thursday Goodness, and this week, since I'm posting anyway for NaBloPoMo, I'm throwing in my something good.

So, it's only day 4 of Posting every day this month and I'm already doing before and after mini makeovers to fill blog space. If this is any indication of things to come, days 29 and 30 might be pretty interesting, or pretty uninteresting. It could go either way.

So first up is the top drawer in the kitchen right next to the sink. I give you my silverware drawer:
No really, take it. Ha, ha, just kidding, but seriously it has been way too long since the drawer where we keep the forks and knives and spoons we eat with every single day had been cleaned. Grrrr-oss. I'm not even going to guess when the last time was. Perhaps the top picture doesn't look so bad. You've seen worse, right? Well look what I found inside as I started disassembling.

My age in wine bottle corks.
Not all of it goes directly down my gullet, I use 2 bottles of red wine every time I grill a purple chicken. Although I haven't made 15 purple chickens.

Liquid medication dispensing stuff. We have cups, syringes (most of them missing a part or two), and spoons. Every time Mae was sick in the last 2 years and needed an antibiotic or some other meds, the pharmacist threw one or two in the bag before I could even blurt out "We have something at home to measure it out!"

And other assorted junk.
Twist ties, clothespins, rubber bands, sharp knives, lost toothpicks, and a container that used to hold toothpicks until someone slammed the overfull drawer on it and broke it.

I threw out all of the corks (into our paper, burnable garbage for the burn barrel outside) and most of the medication measuring stuff went in the trash. I did save a few for when the girls get sick, or in case I ever get the urge to make jello shots. The silverware tray got a good scrubbing and the drawer wiped out before I put it all back together.

It was about time, and hopefully the boost I need to tackle some other drawers (and the closet under the stairs) in just as bad, if not worse condition.


Riot Kitty said...

I think you are underrating your organizational skills. Now, if you could come help Mr. RK...

Wild Child said...

I like your silverware holder. Is it easy to clean? Thanks for participating. Maybe I need to get a linky bit.

Lisa said...

Crazy question...but, do you know where you got your silverware holder? I have been looking for one everywhere!!!

Aliceson said...

I actually bought it at a rummage sale several years ago. I think I paid $1 for it.