Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday- Link Up!

My glasses broke a few weeks ago. Not like we had an earthquake and all of our drinking glasses came crashing out of the kitchen cabinets. No, my eyeglasses, the things that make life around me visible finally bit the dust. The Gardener had fixed them once before 2 summers ago with a soldering iron when we were out visiting my brother-in-law, but this time there wasn't anything left to solder. Believe me, he tried. Besides, big chunks of metal hanging off the ends of my eyewear isn't my favorite look. Around the house, I wear my glasses but at the farm and pretty much any other time I leave the house, I wear contact lenses.

Thankfully, I had an old pair (by old, I mean I think I got them when I was in high school) lying around that was not by any means the correct prescription anymore, but they were better than nothing. So after putting it off for so long and after receiving a reminder from my eye doctor's office that I haven't had an exam in over 4 YEARS, I decided to take them up on their offer of %20 off my next eye exam, and get new glasses and contact lenses.

The shape and dark color are going to take some getting used to, but so far I like them. I just hope they hold up to my abuses.


LL Cool Joe said...

They look good, very posh!

I haven't had time to do a WW this week I'm afraid! Spent too much time messing around with yesterday's post!

Riot Kitty said...

Hey, those look awesome!

sheila said...

Ooooooooooo pretty! You look great!

Jenni said...

very cute!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Very nice glasses.