Saturday, November 8, 2008

Carrie Rodriguez Show And The Tallest Man I've Ever Seen- EVER!

Several weeks ago the local public radio station was giving away concert tickets on their website. Free shit's always good, right? I had hoped for the Dolly Parton tickets and a few days later when I saw the envelope in the mailbox I was so excited. But it wasn't Dolly Parton tickets (I think the Dolly show is on a Monday night, so we probably wouldn't have been able to go after all.) But I did win tickets... to see Carrie Rodriguez, who is also great.

So last night we packed up our kids and pawned them off on took them over to my in-laws for the night. Gotta love relatives who live nearby.
We went out for dinner and headed into the city for the show. The show was at the Pabst (yes, the beer) theater in Milwaukee. I had never been to the Pabst but heard that it's a great place to see a show. As we were driving around, and around, and around the parking garage we spot a couple walking from their car to the building. The odd part- the man had to duck under the sprinkler pipes hanging from the ceiling in order to not hit his head. He must have been almost 8 feet tall. Can you even imagine being that tall? He doesn't fit through any standard door, had to bend down in the elevator and how in the world does an 8 foot tall man sleep- standing up?

I am a very short 5'2" and have always wished that I could be a bit taller. I don't want to be super-model tall, but wouldn't mind a few more inches. But so tall that I would need custom-made clothes and not fit into my own house- forget it! This man towered over the entire crowd and at one point we were sitting four rows behind him and still had to look around his super tall silhouette. After the opening band finished we went out to the bar to get a drink and there was the tall man standing next to a floor to ceiling column with a poster on it advertising:

Pabst Blue Ribbon Tall Boys $3.00

My hubby insisted that I should take a photo with my camera phone but that just seemed mean, so I have no photo to spread on the internet.

By the way the show was great! Carrie Rodriguez was fantastic, as was the openeing band- Romantica.

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