Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They don't make em like they used to

Back in early September on Labor Day weekend we had family here for the weekend. 7 in the house total all weekend, so of course my refrigerator takes a crap Saturday night after a big family dinner. At first I thought that it wasn't staying cold because one of the adults kids left it hanging open, but soon realized that our refrigerator was gone- never to work again. This wasn't an avacado green fridge from decades past, or the old style handle on the big heavy door fridges. My fridge was only eight years old and wasn't even used heavily for all of that time. I don't get it.

So Sunday on Labor Day weekend we had to go shopping for a fridge, all 7 of us. Meanwhile, we happened to be storing a spare fridge in our barn from a displaced hippie I know. Convenient, no? I opened the fridge and realized that we might all die if I put our food in it, so I washed it out with bleach water, plugged it in and left on the back patio. We sure know how to entertain for family. So on Sunday we bought a new fridge (bend over for the price) it works great and is much bigger, but how long until this new, expensive appliance becomes just a piece of un-fixable junk?

My washer and dryer have been in terrible shape for the last 4 years. The washer hops across the floor during the spin cycle and drags along with it some sticky brown grease that has been leaking from underside for even longer. The dryer door button has been broken for about 2 years and now needs to be bungeed on, otherwise the door flies open and it turns off. Lots of half-dried clothes here. And those are the 2 appliances that keep hanging on. We were planning to proactively buy a new washer and dryer but we frivolously spent our money on replacement fridge. Shame on us, the consumer for asking for major household appliances to last longer than 8 years. Hell, I know quite a few people who still have the old inefficiant models, but at least they work.

Well... I'm off to do laundry and chase my washer around the laundry room

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