Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Is One Sneaky Bitch

WOW! We made it through the whole missed bus, bad mommy who forgot to send her kid with hat and mittens in 30 degree weather, crap-filled Monday, only to discover that her hat and mittens that I couldn't find were in fact with her in her backpack. To my credit (if there is any) they were hidden in the middle sized pouch, not to be confused with the slightly larger or slightly smaller sized pouches- damn foreign made backpack!

But our day did end on a slightly painful high note. When I got home from work last night I could tell something was up because Mae and my hubby looked at each other, smiled then tried to ignore me, while Binny bounds over and yells "MaeMae lost her tooth!" Then all hell broke loose and everyone started crying except for me because I'm all, "What the hell is going on and why is everyone hysterical over a tooth." It's well known in our house that Binny is a secret spoiler and has ruined almost every surprise that she's been in on. Our solution to that- don't tell Binny anything. But I think that Binny actually helped extract Mae's tooth so there goes my grand plan. Anyhow after we calmed them down, I heard the tale of how Mae lost her first tooth.

Ready? So this is how it went down. The girls were in the house watching the ever-educational TV and Mae starts working on her tooth. Where was Daddy you ask? Out in the shed because 4&6 is old enough to be in the house alone right? So, "back and forth, back and forth until... it went way far back, then way far front and then just like that it came out and it bled a little, but I'm OK and Binny and I were so excited and jumped up and down and hugged and we ran outside to the shed to tell Daddy and we even remembered to shut the door, then we told Dad and then we ran back in the house and I put it in a bag and I ran upstairs and I put my tooth under my pillow for the tooth fairy and I ran back downstairs and then and then, then I, what did I do next Dad? Oh yeah, I made a map for the tooth fairy because she's never been here before and do you think she can read my map?" (breathe Mae, breathe)

Very accurate, I must say.

So last night after she was sound asleep I the Tooth Fairy tiptoed into her room, snatched the tooth and left her a toothbrush with a dollar wrapped around it. When she got up this morning I could here her run down the stairs, swing the door open and yell so dramatically "She came and she brought me 2 things"

So this potentially tragic event went pretty well, now my worst fear has been realized- missing teeth in the Christmas photo.

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kathy said...

So cute! Relish the drama of these precious days!