Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Okay, so I'm cheating by writing this Monday night; something I never do. Pre-posting is just way too organized for me. I'm more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of blogger, but not today. With the Gardener working odd shifts, my blogging has taken a backseat to my household duties. For now, nights are my new mornings, at least until the apple cart gets dumped again. By the way, how young is too young to operate the stove and use the sharp knives?

Oh well, let's get on with it already, it's Random Monday Tuesday Thoughts.


Lets get the crappy news out of the way first... Grandpa Conrad is in the hospital again. Same pesky congestive heart failure but this time it appears to be less severe. Hopefully he'll be able to go home tomorrow after the fluid drains off of his lungs and heart. Today in the ER the cardiologist told them that the next time he starts to feel the fluid build up, to call the office and he'll just order the correcting meds without having to make a trip to the ER. Good news I guess but still at 92 I wonder how many more of these he can take.
Our snow has melted away! The last week or so has been unseasonably warm but the rain over the weekend was the real killer. The once beautiful winter scene is long gone and now dog poo and empty beer bottles (thanks Highway motorists!) have become the new scenery. I'm hoping that the snow will return soon to cover up the impurities, but so far it's just flurries.
Binny has a new found love for Avocados. She always tolerated them in salads and on taco night but now she makes a special request of half an Avocado with a sprinkling of salt for lunch. Gives me an excuse to split one, without wasting an entire half.
I have become a Facebook junkie. I used to pick on my husband for nosing around the site and posting silly little personal blurbs but now I find myself taking time out of my day to complain about careless grocery baggers and playing the silly quizzes.
A few weeks ago I mentioned how Costco didn't have my brand of dishwasher detergent and I had to buy the inferior brand... well I should have left them at the store and hand washed my dirty dishes. The tablets I bought left a nasty film on ALL of my dishes and now I have 95 (0f 100) tablets left that I refuse to use. So much for getting a deal. If anyone nearby (I refuse to spend more money on those damn things by shipping them) uses Electrasol Finish with jet dry power ball, and wants them, let me know. Come and get 'em. They don't work for me and my unbelievably hard water.

Wow, this laundry list of crap sounds pretty dull. Hopefully the rest of the Tuesday bunch has more interesting random thoughts. Click over to Keely's blog for the whole line-up.


Shady Lady said...

Sorry to hear about Grandpa Conrad.


Yeah...I'm just a little addicted to facebook.

Take the dishwasher tablets back to Costco. They're usually good about returns.

Juli Ryan said...

Sorry about Grandpa too--but happy to read he is okay. You are so lucky to have him in your life. I miss my Grandpa.

A year in, I am still enjoying Facebook. I like to read everyone's little blurbs.

I agree. Take the tablets back to Costco. (Unless someone can use them--which would be the awesome--less for the landfill.)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa. Hope you is feeling better soon.

I'm addicted to FB too.

I have the same problem with the snow melting. Yuck.

Jenni said...

I will only use Cascade powder - everything else? Crap.

Sorry about Grandpa - hope he's home as I type this.

We're supposed to get some snow this week too. It's a muddy mess here, too.

Happy tuesday!

Such Lovely Freckles said...

LOL... Facebook does have a rather high addiction factor, that needs to be considered before signing up. They should really post a warning, that owning a FB account might have a negative impact on your health.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Awww! So sorry about Grandpa Conrad - hope he's feeling better soon!

We're supposed to get snow this weekend - I'm hoping we do, because after the balmy monsoon we got yesterday, everything is yucky mud and goop. I'd much prefer frozen grown with snow on top. ;)

LL Cool Joe said...

I stay well away from Facebook as I have a tendancy to get addicted to anything like that on-line. I once was part of a message board and lost about 2 years of my life. Seriously. I'm amazed the kids and partner survived and didn't leave home.

Riot Kitty said...

Sending good thoughts for your grandpa! I am impressed with the avocado fan - I didn't eat those until I was in my 20s.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Kids are never to young to start cooking their own meals! I love that Binny likes avocados. I like kids who are adventuresome eaters!

Sorry to hear about Grandpa. That stinks!

I hope you get some snow to cover up the excess trash on the side of the road - or some volunteer agency to do a highway pickup - heaven forbid they expect you guys to do it!!! Seriously, why do people think it's okay to throw stuff out their car window?

Happy Tuesday!

Kelly said...

I hope Grandpa feels better soon.

See you on facebook...i get itchy when I am away too long.


sheila said...

Sorry to hear about Gramps. :(

Isn't there something else dishwasher soap is used for? Google it, maybe there's a weird use for it.