Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday again, time to get all random with the Un-Mom...


First off, I'm feeling better! The sinus infection is much improved but the eye thing is taking it's sweet time to heal so it may even be longer in these damn glasses. I don't think the eye is any worse, just taking a while to heal from whatever is bugging it. I mostly only notice it at night when I'm tired and it feels super dry so I squirt in an eye drop and all is better temporarily. I have decided that I'm not going back to the doctor though. If anything I'll make an appointment with an eye doc but seeing the doc at the clinic isn't going to do me any good. For now I'll wait it out.

I'm waiting impatiently for all of our tax filing papers. I still haven't purchased the 2009 computer tax program (waiting for a coupon) but we also haven't received ANY of our W2s yet. *tap, tap, tap* We're hoping for a decent sized refund to help pay off some pesky hospital bills from when Mae was sick last spring and I'm still planning to get back out to Arizona to visit my grandparents one more time this winter, possibly for their 60 wedding anniversary party. (I haven't told them yet, so if anyone reading this knows my grandparents, please don't tell them. I want it to be a surprise.)

My computer contracted a virus. That was fun! The other night, the Gardener tried to do a search and when he clicked on the results link he was redirected to an ad site. Tried again and same thing yet a different site. We thought it was just a Yahoo thing because Google worked fine. Weird huh? Then yesterday I tried to search for a recipe on Google and the same thing happened. Hmmm? Eventually, after searching then copying and pasting the links right into the url box, I discovered that we had the Google Redirect Virus. We downloaded a spyware removal tool and that fixed the problem but it had me sweating for a few hours minutes until it was resolved. I always get nervous using those free download Internet programs that claim to solve all of your computer problems. The entire time the thing was running I kept thinking that all of a sudden an animated joker face was going to pop up on the screen laughing at me with the words "YOU'RE FUCKED" beneath it. Lucky for me that wasn't the case, at least not this time.

My favorite sitcom (well second of course to The Cosby show) The King of Queens is back in reruns 5 nights a week. For a while it was either reruns of Friends *yawn* or that awful Deal or No Deal hosted by the forever annoying Howie Mandel. So happy to have Doug, Carrie and Arthur back!

That's it for me today. Click over to Keely's blog for more randomness.


I am Harriet said...

Sinus infections are a pain this time of year.

Have a great Tuesday!

Kelly said...

I hate waiting for W2 forms. The State of Ohio takes their sweet time with them.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I'm glad the sinus infection is clearing up! I hope you are feeling better!

Your W-2 comment made me think, "Where are our W-2's?" My son got his already. Then I remembered.........my husband didn't make any money in 2009. Ha ha! That's funny! No w-2's for us.

Happy Tuesday!

Jenni said...

I also can't wait to file taxes. We usually get a decent return what with owing our home and the kids, but I always fell a little nervous, like maybe we we'll owe money or get audited or something. Every year.

happy Tuesday!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Waiting for our W2s as well. I can't wait for the refund. Glad you are feeling better.

Riot Kitty said...

Glad you are feeling better. The 60th anniversary party sounds so sweet!

Out in Them Sticks said...

our tree project is dependent on our refund this year... what will it be?

Funnyrunner said...

SO glad you're feeling better. Being sick really saps your energy, which is greatly required with little ones! ;)

Shady Lady said...

I'm tap, tap, tappin' along with you...but LK is the one to file the taxes. This IRS freaks me out.

I have to say, Friends is my all time favorite. I still TiVo the reruns for the times I need a good giggle. :P

Wild Child said...

Google Redirect Virus. Hmmm... I'll have to look into that. I had some suspicious stuff pop up on my work computer while I was in Yahoo. What spyware tool did you use to wipe it?

I don't panic about W2s until the end of Jan, because legally they have until the end of Jan. I was thinking of all your hospital woes last spring and reassuring myself that we only had to deal with a broken arm this weekend.

I am wiped from worrying about a broken arm, keeping son entertained, and reassessing how to make life easier for someone using one arm. Ahhhhh....I could use my 15th anniversary vacay now. Or the trip to AZ already.

Mama Badger said...

Ewww, eye yuck. That's not fun.

Our W-2 is going to a wood buring stove this year. Because I'm tired of winter already.

sheila said...

Bleh! Hope the gunk clears out!

I LOVE King of Queens, lol. My mom tells me all the time I remind her of Carrie, lol.