Monday, January 11, 2010

Thank You

I feel like a lucky duck lately. My kids are back at school (hooray!) and I won 2 more bloggy giveaways. Besides the beautiful knit hat I wrote about here, I won a parenting book in a giveaway hosted by Ann of Ann's Rants and a boxful of the most beautiful Springerle cookies from Wild Child of Naked Opinions.

First the book. Ann offered up 2 books with the only requirement being to leave a comment about the worst parenting advice ever received. That wasn't too hard as I've been given tons of terrible advice over the years but the one that took the cake and won a signed copy of Chris Mancini's funny yet unbelievably true parenting book for expectant fathers, “Pacify Me: A Handbook for The Freaked Out New Dad” was the time when my husband's Grandmother gave the girls each rosaries... as baby gifts, to a couple that she was well aware weren't planning on baptizing (let alone raising Catholic) any of their children. (Wow, that was on hell of a sentence. Whew!) It wasn't just the very sweet yet possibly awkward gift of a rosary, it was the instruction that came with it. She told us that for long car rides it would be a good idea to put the rosary around the baby's neck, you know just to be safe. What part of putting a string of beads around an infant's neck equals safe, I will never know. When one of the Gardener's aunts (A Catholic herself) suggested that maybe it wouldn't be so safe to do such a thing, strangulation hazard and all Grandma replied, "the Lord would never hurt your child." Thanks Ann and Chris for the fun giveaway and for the opportunity to share some crappy advice.

Next the cookies! Wild Child offered up a hand made foodie giveaway a few days before Christmas but due to low turnout she gave out a box of the most beautiful Springerle cookies to 2 lucky bloggers, (me of course being one) along with a recipe book titled Too Pretty To Eat. While the cookies are of course very pretty, I had to try them. Delicious with a cup of coffee or dipped into a cup of hot chocolate. Yumm. Thanks Wild Child!


Shady Lady said...

Quack, lucky are you?!

Riot Kitty said...

Goody! What are you doing up so late?!

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like you've done very well, but the best piece of news is that the kids are back at school, right? :D

Nothing like dunking a cookie in a hot drink when the house is empty and peaceful. ")

sheila said...

lol, that story deserves a win!

Wild Child said...

You are so very welcome!

I am (sort of) dying laughing at the terrible awkwardness of the rosary. I am thinking to when my MIL gave my son (us) a book of Christian stories and told him if he read it all (he was 3.5 at the time and not reading yet, so that meant US reading to HIM) she'd give him a Thomas train. Um, yeah, right, the book went on the shelf and was never pulled out again. Definitely not our cup of tea, and I do not like people using candy and toys to get kids to learn or read the Bible or any other things they are to learn. Well, except maybe potty training.

Ann's Rants said...

Such a pleasure to pass along Chris' hilarious book.

Thanks for playing.