Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

I knew Binny needed a new winter coat but not until we experienced a major zipper explosion last week did I actually go out and buy her a new one. The lightweight jacket she had been wearing all Fall wasn't going to be warm enough with snow flurries floating around in the cold air.

As I was helping her get ready for school on a particularly chilly morning, I went through the closet to find something that would work until I could go shopping, and pulled out two coats. She tried on the first one which was too small but would work for a day. She put it on and as I tried to zip it up, the zipper broke apart in all directions leaving poor Binny stuck in her coat with no way of getting out or even re-zipping if she would happen to un-zip it. On to coat #2 which was also a bit small and also had a zipper issue from last year (that I forgot about), but it was all we had.

Poor Binny had to have her teacher pull the thing off over her head when she got to school which in turn prompted the teacher to send me an email letting me know that Binny's coat was too little and broken. (Like I didn't know)

Good thing I had a shopping trip with a friend planned for the very same day.
The zipper on the new coat looks heavy duty so hopefully we won't have any more coat drama for the winter. Unless, you count the three days of whining from Mae when I didn't buy a brand new coat for her. It's about time Binny got something new though. Mae generally gets all of the new clothes because she's older and most of it can be passed down to Binny anyway. Just look at the rest of Binny's outfit for proof. Those pants were Mae's and the boots too.

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

She looks great. Caitlin has a very similar coat. Love that pink!

LL Cool Joe said...

Love the furry trim on the hood. Looks warm and fashionable too!

My younger daughter wears a great many of my older daughters clothes too.

Riot Kitty said...

Don't you love teachers like that? My little bro went through an anxious phase when all he could keep down were snacks. So a teacher saw his lunch one day and called and gave my parents a lecture about how it wasn't healthy for him to eat snacks for lunch.

What is a zipper explosion? :)

Shady Lady said...

Binny is rockin' the winter warmth!!

sheila said...

CUTE COAT! My daughter has one of the same, only dark green. LOVE those fuzzy hoods! Just don't wash the hood or it'll never be fuzzy again. lol

Aliceson said...

RK- Yeah and that wasn't all the teacher said either. She also assumed that we couldn't afford a new coat and offered to get one for Binny through the school's coat drive. Sweet of her to think of us, but (in my opinion) some people are too quick to offer charity when it's not wanted or needed.

zipper explosion: when normal zipping action suddenly causes a major breakdown in zipper integrity and the whole shit flies apart sending bits of plastic and metal in all directions across the kitchen.

Sheila- Best part is that both the hood AND the fur trim are detachable for easy washing. Talk about genius! A parent must have designed this coat.

Wild Child said...

Thursday goodness=NEW WINTER COAT!

Sidhe said...

Love the new coat and am especially partial to those fuzzy boots. I'd like to find those in my size. I've been jealous of little girl shoe selection since I saw a friend's daughter with some spectacular, sparkly pastel rainbow tennis shoes on last week! Better get a picture.