Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday Scavenger Hunt (On Monday, But I Swear It's OK)

I've been following Ramblings And Photo's weekly Scavenger Hunt for a few weeks now and every week I have had good intentions to participate, but then I go through the photos I took for the week and realize that I can't use any of them. If I took any at all! Well, not this week. I actually wrote down the 5 items for this week's hunt and made a point to participate this week even if I finally dug out the camera today and got to the list. So anyhow, here goes!

1. In My Home
That's Grandma Dee standing in my kitchen! She was actually peeling potatoes that are boiling on the stove (right now!) so we can make lefse tomorrow. We're so happy to have her here with us for the next 2 weeks, and perfect timing right in the middle of prime Holiday baking time.

2. It's Beginning To Look A
Little Lot Like
Winter! There was a lot more snow in Minnesota over the weekend, which made driving there on Friday night a little scary, but we came home to only a dusting of the white stuff. Don't let the lack of snow fool you, it's still cold out!

3. Sweet Treat
While we were in Minnesota over the weekend, the girls, Grandma Dee and my mom when to a gingerbread house making party and this was the house that came home with us.

4. Time
...To play Bingo! Grandma and I are going out tonight to play Bingo. Wish us luck! (This photo is an oldie but I thought it would work.)

5. Everyday
He grows! Flash is already up to 25 pounds with no sign of slowing anytime soon. More appropriate would be one of our shoes in his mouth. He likes to steal one from the back door every time he comes in the house and chews on it until we take it away.

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blueviolet said...

Have fun playing bingo!!! And I LOVE your gingerbread house!!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh cool!! I'm so glad you joined in!! I knew this would be right up your street! I love the gingerbread house too, both the photo and the house!

Shady Lady said...

Love this!! Boy is that puppy getting big!!

Ashley Sisk said...

I'm so glad you've joined - these are wonderful shots. I love the picture of your grandma - I also love your second shot. WOnderful depth of field. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!

Riot Kitty said...

Awesome gingerbread house and cute pup!

Riot Kitty said...

Awesome gingerbread house and cute pup!

sheila said...

Wow! The dog is getting big! ANd I love that gingerbread house! I've never made one (not seriously , I mean, not a nice one like that).

ALWAYS important to have a good cook/baker around at the holidays... plus... she just looks so sweet.

Wild Child said...

Boy, he is a big dog already. You enjoy that. Good thing you have the space and room for him to run and grow. What do the girls think of his rapid growth?

You should have doubled up and made this your random post at the same time.