Monday, March 7, 2011

Jamaica Part 1

Yes, as the title suggests, this is going to be one of those annoying weeks where every day I post pictures from our winter escape to sunny Jamaica, tormenting the rest of you who were stuck at home with freezing temperatures and pale, sun deprived skin. Sorry about that.

We left early, early Tuesday morning and by sunset that evening we were finally checking in to our hotel. The bus ride to the resort in Ocho Rios was long but beautiful and the driver stopped at a little roadside bar so we could start our vacation out with a bottle of Jamaican Red Stripe beer. Yum!
The first night there was a beach party and tons of food but it was dark so whatever we put on our plates was a bit of a mystery. It was delicious though and I think I hit the buffet line at least twice. Double yum!

The next morning I woke up early, left my sleeping husband in the room while I wandered around devouring all of the sights and sounds of a morning in the Caribbean. As soon as the buffet opened we were some of the first in line for made to order omelets and every kind of deliciously ripe fruit and anything else you could possibly think of. Can you tell I gained 5 pounds in just 4 days from my excitement over the food?
This was the view from our favorite table in the restaurant.

I have no idea why the housekeepers make these little towel creatures but it was fun to come into the clean room after a day of relaxing with a drink in my hand and see what sort of animal was waiting for us on the bed in towel form.

The views from our room.

We walked into town the first day and I bought this drink mug/vase from a local who was carving them out of fresh bamboo. He wanted to scratch my name into the side of it (to be sure I would buy it from him) but instead I asked him to sign it with his own name. I was unsure of the pronunciation of Toe (you never know, right?) so I asked him and he pointed to my foot. Like duh!

More tomorrow as I need to get started on the mountain of dirty laundry and make a run to the grocery store. Our fridge is completely empty!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

So completely jealous. Looks fabulous.

LL Cool Joe said...

Someones having fun!! Great photos!

Enjoy the sun!

Riot Kitty said...

Your first paragraph cracked me up! Glad you had a good time.

rachel... said...

Wow. I'm insane with jealousy! You and the husband look so happy and adorable!

Aliceson said...

Rachel, I think it was all of the Red Stripe beer and rum that had us so smiley. It was 2pm on a Wednesday, after all. :)

sheila said...

Damn these are great pics! YOu two both look so young and spry. LOVE your pics of the view and those cute towel creatures!!!

I wish I went there.