Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Day, Another Ear Infection

Sorry, no Wardrobe Wednesday today.  Read on to find out why.

So yeah, Mae's sore ear was confirmed to be infected as we suspected and she's now on 10 days of bubble gum flavored antibiotic.  By this morning she felt well enough to go back to school and actually wanted to go back.  I was happy to have both girls back in school for the day as I had some major house work to do before our brand new bed arrived this afternoon. 

The mountain of clean laundry in our bedroom needed to be sorted, folded and put away.  I had to disassemble our old bed, remove it from the room and vacuum up 6 months worth of dust bunnies that were collecting under it.  All for the delivery men to arrive an hour before they said they would, after them telling me there was no way they could get here before I had to leave for work.  Apparently they forgot how to use a phone!  So they arrived before I was finished hauling furniture around and running the vacuum across the floor only to discover that the new box spring would not fit up our stairwell.  Perfect.  I actually think it could have fit, especially if the Gardener was home (he never takes no for an answer) but he wasn't considering they showed up nowhere near the 2 hour window I was promised on the phone, plus these guys were complete weenies and gave me a look that insinuated I was the craziest woman they had ever come across when I offered to grab a crow bar to start disassembling the problem door frame.  They insisted they couldn't make it fit and said they would be back maybe by the end of the week, probably next, with a thinner box spring thing that would probably, most likely fit.  So now we're sleeping on the brand new mattress (I refuse to sleep on that old lumpy mattress one more night!) directly on the floor.  I guess that's what you get when you shell over big money plus a delivery fee and also happen to live in an ancient farmhouse. Lucky for us.

As if the fun would stop there, on the one day of the week I actually have to be somewhere to earn my meager paycheck, Binny slinked off the bus this afternoon, in tears, holding her right ear.  Thank goodness the Gardener has a current insurance card in his wallet and the patience to deal with another sick kid and her sore ear.  Time to restart the 10 day antibiotic countdown.


Heathen Family said...

Boo. No fair.

We don't have a box spring on our bed at all ;) A queen size box also does not fit up the stairs of a 115 year old stick Victorian. We have a Scandinavian style bed with slats, instead.

I hope the girls feel better soon ;)

Shady Lady said...

Oh no! Not another one down. :( Healthy thoughts to everyone.

We've got a slat bed, too with no box spring. Maybe you need a new bed to go with your new mattress?! =)

sheila said...

Ear infections suck.
We don't have a box spring either.
But we totally need a new mattress. I wish those things weren't so damned expensive.