Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Bitch Cut

SO, it was time. I had put it off long enough and decided to go and get my hair cut yesterday. It wasn't that I hadn't had my hair cut in a long time but I was definitely due for a refresh. I treat haircuts and their appointments like I do the dentist or OBGYN. You'd think that getting my haircut would be more enjoyable than a filling or a good old pap smear and breast exam but really it's not. Now the last haircut I had was probably only 2-3 months ago which for me isn't bad at all, it was that my last haircut was awful, I mean really bad. The stylist (if you can call CostCutters employees stylists) cut it with the part down the middle instead of off center like I asked and the front was completely uneven, plus I told her to put in some more layers to puff up my wimpy hair but guess what? All I got was an uneven, lifeless crappy haircut. $17.95 please.

Instead of going back to the offending stylist I decided to go to an actual salon in town. When I got there the woman who was to cut my hair probably would rather have put her feet up instead of cut my hair because she was about 6-7 months pregnant and looked quite uncomfortable and certainly not ready for my I-don't-give-a-shit attitude towards my hair. I have to say she took her job very seriously and seemed to think that I have a serious hair problem. I know I have very fine hair, but to tell me I have very little hair left, just isn't fair. She probably hasn't been told yet that she's going to lose a lot of her hair too after her baby is born (among other shit you wish you would have been told prior to having children.) She quizzed me about the shampoo, conditioner and other junk I put in my hair and Scolded my choices of all of my products- told me to throw them out. Really...that isn't helping? I'm sure she was just looking out for the best interests of my hair, but it came off a bit bitchy. She ended up giving me a great haircut and I didn't dare ask her to put any gel, mousse in my now uncontrollable, windy-day nightmare. When it came time pay she of course did her salon manager proud and convinced me to buy the Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner (that's just right for my hair type) at ten bucks each-Ouch! But then just to twist the knife she says "well this should last you quite a while because you'll only need a tiny amount for your hair.

At least the cut was good. I could have gotten one of those awful mom, backward haircuts. The long in the front and short in the back. What a bad idea. A very popular haircut around here at least with the moms at my girls' school. I can picture these women 15 years from now looking at photos of themselves with the ridiculously bad haircut saying "What was I thinking? Really, Short in the back?"

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Out in Them Sticks said...

I've experienced this sort of things many times myself. I'll go to crapcutters, pay 12 to 15 bucks only to turn around and get the 50 buck cut I was trying to avoid in the first place because the cheap one f'd up my hair. i give up. I'll just have bad hair.