Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All Things Halloween

We've had a week full of Halloween fun. Saturday we went to the pumpkin farm and bought 3 huge pumpkins. Binny picked the biggest weighing in at 28 pounds. I told her she had to carry it, and her response was "I can get a gourd instead." We didn't do that either, so I hauled all 3 monster Pumpkins to the car and made my husband unload them when we got home. He's got to be good for something after refusing to go Pumpkin shopping to stay home and put shelves in his new work van. Not that I'm complaining or anything. Oh Yeah, now that he has a new project, I haven't seen much of him. Could be worse I could still be listening to him complain about his old piece of shit work van. At least we've moved on a little.

So back to Halloween. Sunday we did Trick-or-Treat preview in Grandma's neighborhood. It was a little cold and damn windy and Binny fell once but thank goodness to her costume, she was not injured. It was probably her costume's fault to begin with, but what do you expect when you wear a lampshade around your waist. The girls got way too much candy. We only went to 3 houses and their little bags were full. Remember when getting the big candy bars was like hitting the Halloween jackpot? And the rest of the year when you drive past that person's house you comment on how rich they must be to afford to give everyone the big bars. Well, as a parent I hate the houses with the big bars. Yes I do. Or even the people who say take as many as you want, which is very dangerous with small children. "But mom he said I could have as many as I want" as my daughter digs through the bowl to get every last Kit Kat.

Friday is the big Trick-or-Treat here which should be a lot of fun. Hopefully no big bars, and I'm pretty sure of that, the people around here are pretty tight. I remember last year, the kids got a whole pile of those awful orange and black peanut butter taffy things. Talk about cheap candy. At least they won't eat those.
Today are the Halloween parties at school. More candy I'm sure. I am going this morning to help with Mae's class. How fun for me? I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the great costumes, and the not so great of course. When I was young I always thought those plasitic dress-cape costumes with the cheesy plastic mask were the ultimate Hallween sin. How hard is it to find a good costume? And really is Hannah Montana Halloween worthy, when you dress like her everyday? Come on.

Oh, and It snowed here on Monday.

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HeatherK said...

28lbs!? That's almost as much as my 2yo weighs! Great pics and cute costumes. I'm so behind on getting ready for Halloween.