Friday, October 10, 2008

Doin' the Nasty

A few days ago my husband and I asked the all important question to our children. What would you like to dress up as for Halloween? Last year was the first year that they were old enough to be involved in the costume making process, and it was a total success. We only have 2 rules- the costumes must be an original thought (no Disney characters) and we will make them as a family. So last year Mae was a vacuum cleaner and Binny was a purse, more specifically my purse. It was a great family project that lasted an entire weekend and we received great compliments while out trick or treating. Only a few people needed to ask "What are they supposed to be" which truly made my skin crawl because they are children, not a goofy miniature breed of dog.

So this year when we asked Binny, said she would love to be a cupcake- a cupcake (I feel like Joe Biden saying it twice but that's how I had to process it in my brain- over and over again.) How in the world can I turn a four-year old into a cupcake that can walk at least 2 blocks before falling over and skinning both knees? Well, Thank goodness for the Internet. So I went to 3 different craft stores to collect supplies and still didn't have the most important part of the outfit- the cheap, cheesy, never put on my end table pleated lampshade that I will spray paint silver. The only one I could find at any of the craft stores was $40- yikes! SO, yes I had to do the nasty as we call it in our family. I sucked it up and went to Wal-Mart. I have nothing against discount stores like Target and Kmart but Wal-Mart is just plain bad. Only on rare occasion will I shop at Wal-Mart and as soon as I return home I feel the need to take a shower and burn my clothes. I found what I needed, and for future reference Wal-Mart has an entire aisle devoted to tacky table lamps and crappy pleated shades. Go figure.

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