Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holy Mole-y

A bunch of stuff to cover in this post

*Warning this first part may be TMI for some of you.*

1.) I wouldn't ordinarily talk about moles and warts... nevermind, yeah I would. So yesterday I went to the dermatologist to have some things removed. Thinking that the nasty, ugly warts on the bottom of my foot would need to be removed surgically, I was a bit nervous. Turns out the Doc. applied some acid that surprisingly didn't sting or blister. He taped up my foot and told me to wash off the acid today, then apply Compound W wart remover and cover it with Duct tape every day for the next 2 weeks. What the? Duct tape?

The moles were just bothersome, not turning colors or talking to me but as long as I was going in and making a co-pay I thought I would get my money's worth.

2.) I fixed my camera lens! Well, I guess there really wasn't anything to fix, it wasn't actually broken. Turns out the filter that I had been using to protect my lens was the culprit. Go freakin' figure. Sunday morning as I was gathering all of the warranty info and the receipts for the lens to return it, I thought I would clean it one more time. Lo and behold the filter was blurry. Not dirty blurry, but wavy blurry, like a defect in the glass. Funny I hadn't noticed this when I had it screwed on any of the other lenses. Anyhow I bought a new filter and check out the difference.



Can you see the difference? Maybe not in these small photos, but it was really starting to bug me.

3.) I'm the recipient of another bloggy award.

This one is from blogger Cindy who actually has 2 blogs. In addition to her main blog MonkeyBoy Adventures, she has a second blog monkeyboy311 that she posts a photo to every day as part of project 365. Being a photo lover and mom, I love looking her daily photos. Thank you Cindy.

As most of the blogs I frequent have already passed this one around, I'm not going to send it along. If anyone reading this hasn't received this award and would like it, go ahead and take it, you deserve it.

4.) I streamlined my blogroll. I didn't remove any blogs, but it was getting a little out of control. I now have only the 10 most recent blogs on the blogroll, but the rest are there, I swear no one was removed. Oh and on my last post about irresponsible parenting, I was christened with my first spam comment.

"Hi Friends, I Find Absolutely FREE PlayBoy & Penthous. If I find something else I'll inform you.Best Regards,Maria"

My friend Laura said it best: "WTF Maria?!?!"

Hopefully this won't be a trend, I don't want to have to start moderating comments.

5.) And lastly check out what I found growing in my flowerbed. I don't remember planting this little grape hyacinth but I'll take it.


AmyG said...

Good luck with the moles/warts!

Congrats on the award... I got one, as well, from a bloggy friend.

I didn't notice a difference in the photos, but then, I'm not good with stuff like that anyway. Glad you got it fixed, though!

I moderate my comments & it's a good thing I do. For the last 4 days, I've gotten the same comment on 4 different posts, about viagra! Thanks, but no thanks! lol

LL Cool Joe said...

Well done on the award. As I'm not a sister I'll have to pass on this one! Shame, I could with another one! :D

I've had some moles removed on my neck, and just wish I'd had them done years ago! I have one on my face as well but the doctor advised me to live with it, as the scar could show up more than the mole itself. I still want it gone though, and sometimes think about doing it myself with a sharp blade!

I could see a slight difference in the photos. One seemed cleaner than the other one.

T. Anne said...

Oh gosh! Another use for duct tape!!!!

Banteringblonde said...

I have heard about that duct tape thing!

Riot Kitty said...

Duct tape? Wow.

I have heard that once you become a parent, nothing is gross anymore...not being a parent, I can only say, "yuck!"

Lovely flower, though.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Another use for duct tape. I'm adding that to the list.

Congrats on the award too.

Glad you figured out it was the filter not the lens.

sheila said...

LOL, omg, the whole wart thing. Are those plantar warts? Um, if so...I had those about 18 yrs ago. Thank God only once. But those actually come out in one piece...like a carrot. I'm totally serious. Gross. LOL

Wild Child said...

I love grape hyacinths. They are just adorable.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting the lens fixed, receiving the cute award, getting your weird mole/wart thingy removed, and scoring free Playboy! haha

Funnyrunner said...

well, golly... I loved this post too! I'm trying to catch up after a week of missing my blogging buddies! I've heard of Duct tape for warts! Hope it works!