Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Stuff

First things first. I have been trying to come up with a blog name for my husband. I really don't like the name Hubby but also have been too lazy to think of anything else, so I called my bro and he suggested I call my husband not a name, but one of his hobbies (clearly listed on my husband's facebook page). From now on my husband will be referred to as the 4 wheel drive gardener. (maybe just gardener for short) And this will be his photo. Hey, if he uses it as his Facebook profile, it's fair game, right?

What else? Grandma N gave the girls a new box of markers.
Ever since they have been turning out drawings all the while sneaking every sheet of white copy paper that I keep hidden in the printer, wedged in the bottom of our makeshift kitchen computer desk. Lucky for Mae, she's tall and thin so she can usually snake her long arms into the back of the cabinet, feel around for the paper, grab it with her hand and yank while simultaneously getting up off the floor to run into the living room to get started on her next project all before her sister, because "It's a race, Binny! I'm winning!"

That is not Charles Manson themed body art on her forehead, it's marker. Also, did you notice that Mae is missing another tooth? Upstairs this time.

Mostly the girls have been drawing houses and ovals, then coloring them, Easter egg style. Hours of fun, thanks Grandma N! Speaking of Easter... the girls and I were at Walgreens over the weekend to pick up some photos and guess who was sitting right next to the photo counter with a big basket of chocolate? No, not me, damn! Of course it was the Easter Bunny, a creepy looking, not so friendly, my 4 and 6 year olds were scared shitless Easter Bunny. The sweet woman working the photo counter offered to take their picture with Creepy Bunny, but my kids graciously declined from behind my right and left thighs. Apparently the candy is just for the children brave enough to actually sit on the lap of Creepy Bunny not for photo bribes.

Anyhow, back to what I do have photos of. Here's a picture of me. She said it was me, although she (kind of) wrote Daddy on it.

Looks like I've put on some weight since the last time Binny drew me. At the very least I look like I've been hanging out in a bee hive.
More eggs, Binny hung these on the bedroom wall last night so I could see them first thing in the morning.

I found this one under my pillow this morning.

Not much else going on. My afternoon will be spent making returns to Home Depot and Menards for the 4 wheel drive gardener. Sounds like a rockin' afternoon huh?


Missy said...

Hey there. So glad you got your package. That was the first time I tried a block toy. It wasn't as wonderful as I had hoped it would be. And yes I love Minky. I would use it for everything except it only comes in solid pastel colors...oh and its 13 bucks a yard.

I love your pictures. Gardner sounds good, or you could call him 4WD ATV. Thought about calling mine Eminem, since everyone seems to think they look alike. I don't see it, so I decided against it.

Debbie said...

That does sound fun!
Love the artwork:)

Lynnette Labelle said...

Cute! Love her drawings.

Lynnette Labelle

Shady Lady said...

Okay, I totally love the picture of you. It is quite flattering. I hear spots are very in this year. ROFL!!

Momma Bear said...

Cute drawings, cute kids, cute husband and oooh the gardener enjoys a good guiness, nice!

Sidhe said...

He's really too high class though, isn't he? I mean, come on, beer in a bottle??? How high-falutin!!! Perhaps his name should be a bit more sophisticated, maybe...horticulturalist. Of course, he'd have to drop the 'burns...

Seriously, you have a wonderful family! Cheers!

Funnyrunner said...

LLOL. I don't know what to call my husband on my blog, either. So far he's been "the husband," which actually somehow seems to fit... lol. If you're gonna stick with the new name for the hubby, perhaps you should abbreviate it... "4wdg". hmmm. but then it loses its oomph, huh? I'll think on it for ya.. I know you'll wait with baited breath!

Not in a gadzillion years would my boys have EVER sat around and colored... sigh. what adorable girls.

Fiona said...

Love the new name .. does he? lol