Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4 Women Take Revenge On A Cheater By Gluing His Penis To His Stomach

Not sure if this has made National news but it was one of the big stories here yesterday. This was the article in the online version of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel from the Associated Press:

Stockbridge - Four Wisconsin women are accused of tying up and assaulting a married man after allegedly finding out he was romantically involved with each of them.
The women are each charged with being party to false imprisonment, a felony with a maximum prison term of six years. One is charged with fourth-degree sexual assault.
Calumet County prosecutors say 48-year-old Therese A. Ziemann of Menasha lured the man to a Stockbridge motel last Thursday. Prosecutors say she was soon joined by 43-year-old Michelle Belliveau of Neenah; 43-year-old Wendy L. Sewell of Kaukauna; and the man's wife.
Authorities say Ziemann punched the man in the face and glued his penis to his stomach.
The Associated Press is not naming the victim's wife to protect the man's identity as a victim of sexual assault.
The women are free on $200 cash bails.

Not that I think that assaulting someone is the right thing to do, but this asshole had it coming. Hopefully he learned his lesson and will think twice about putting his penis were it doesn't belong. I wonder how long it takes for Crazy glue to wear off.

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Lynnette Labelle said...

He went to the hospital and had it surgically removed. Ewwww... The image!

Lynnette Labelle

Riot Kitty said...

Wow! Talk about a headline that got my attention ;)

skyewriter said...

The only justice that man will ever get. I hope they used Crazy Glue.

VW: gagio.

Aliceson said...

Skye, They sure did! Funny and very appropriate VW.

Blonde Goddess said...

Hmmm....I have an idea forming in me head...har har

Shady Lady said...

HAH! Excellent move ladies. Thanks for sharing Aliceson.

CatLadyLarew said...

Geez... why didn't I think of doing something like that. It would have been so much more satisfying than merely getting a divorce!

(And I wish I weren't so damn nice all the time... so many missed opportunities!)