Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Grandma Dee Video

We're not home yet, just stopped at my mom's house which is about half-way home. I burned the lost video of Grandpa onto a DVD so hopefully I can find a way to post it once I get home, but for now I have one more of Grandma Dee. And by the way she swears a little.

I haven't uploaded any photos yet, so if that's what you're looking for (family), be patient. I'll start posting those in a few days.

I can't wait to get back home and catch up on all of my blog reading. My reader is overflowing with posts, I'm sure.


Funnyrunner said...

oh, my. Watching that makes me feel so guilty. You are so patient and great with your grandmother. My grandmother is VERY difficult and I am not so patient. sigh. I try. Have I mentioned she's difficult?

Yours is a doll. And you look great in the video, btw. I love the Minnesota accent! :)

Kari said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that!!! I'm totally going to show that to my Mom next time she is at my house. She will get such a kick out of it because she's from Minnesota and we're Norwegian. Your accents remind me of all my relatives back there. Ya, sure, you betcha!


Debbie said...

That was wonderful! I'm glad you posted that.

sheila said...

Oh what a cute couple. namen...huh, interesting.