Friday, July 24, 2009

A Cubbie, 2 Cuties and a Funny

I think I forgot to mention earlier this week that we saw bears at the cottage last weekend! Well, we actually saw one bear, last years cub we think.

Tuesday morning as we were packing up to leave, we saw a big Mama bear strolling through the yard. I had my camera packed away so I didn't get a photo of her, but believe me she was BIG. The cub was great though, he hung around the yard for quite a while for us all to see.

If you haven't seen this new commercial from Hardee's, you must. I can see why it's a web only commercial and not suited for a TV audience but it sure is funny. The whole concept of biscuit holes is beyond me. I get that doughnuts have a hole and that's why the doughnut hole is so popular, but biscuits don't have holes! Why is that anything? Funny commercial though.

I still haven't caught up with my blog reading but I'll try over the weekend.
Have a great weekend all!


Riot Kitty said...

Oh CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE pictures!!! I know I write that all the time but you never fail to deliver!

2 Brits, 2 Yanks, 2 Dogs said...

Wow that bear is thin - great photos.

Blonde Goddess said...

Good pictures!
And the A hole/ B hole thing is hilarious!

skyewriter said...

I can tell without being able to choose, I definitely would consistently say 'no' to the A-hole. That. was. hysterical.

And bears again this year? I'm with 2B2Y2D; that was one of the thinnest bears I have ever seen (pictures of-- I've only seen bears in zoos with a fence or moat to keep the homo sapiens and the ursas separate--which might be the only way we see them 40 years from now).

Okay, I'm done being a bummer.

Go B-hole!

LL Cool Joe said...

That advert cracked me up. Here in the UK what you call cookies, we call biscuits. I'm not sure what US biscuits are at all!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

great photos of the bear and the girls.

Aliceson said...

2B2Y2D and Skye,
I didn't think Cubbie was very thin but the week before seeing bears at the cottage, I took the girls to a zoo and the black bears there were (I thought) overweight. They were so fat that when they sat down on their butts, their feet didn't touch the ground. Plus I'm sure Cubbie gets more exercise wandering through the woods.

I would compare a biscuit to a plain scone if that helps. In fast food restaurants here biscuits are cut in half and stuffed with eggs, bacon, cheese, etc. Real healthy stuff!

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh is that like a muffin then?

Aliceson said...

Yes but drier than a muffin.

sheila said...

How cool seeing that bear! Awesome pics!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...