Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend Photos

Weekends at Grandma's cottage are always a treat. I remember the first time my brothers and I stepped out of the car, we fell in love with the woods, the animals, and the flush toilet. There's nothing like camping with all of the amenities. It's not the Ritz but, were not Ritz people. (Unless you're talking about Ritz crackers, cuz we're all over Ritz crackers.) Up until June 12 there was also a television, but thanks to the digital conversion, only one channel works intermittently. We were so busy that the girls never even asked to turn on the TV but I would have liked to catch the news after hearing a snippet on the radio that Sarah Palin resigned. You could have knocked me over with a feather with that one. I guess it was just a matter of time for her. The pressure became too much and honestly I don't blame her for wanting to bail, but I didn't think quitting was one of the characteristics of pit bulls hockey moms. Foxnews or some other reputable news organization must have made it worth her while. Anyhow, back to the show.

Grandma's cottage is fairly kid friendly with the exception of firearms (locked and unloaded of course) and mouse poison. There were all kinds of activities for the girls. Sandbox, coloring books, bubbles, plus 2 out of 3 uncles were up for the weekend which was a nice break for me.
The boys love to chase the girls around the yard and give the weary Binny piggy back rides through the woods.Mae isn't scared of the animals in the woods the way Binny is. Heck Mae wouldn't leave the yard without her binoculars, you know just in case. No bears this time but we did have a very friendly deer visitor several times over the weekend. She walked right into the yard while we were eating and having a camp fire. I think she wanted a s'more but we weren't sharing.

There was also a little excitement when Uncle T was hunting red squirrels. 2 down, 187,538 left in the woods.
The trees and ferns were as beautiful as ever.
The wild flowers were blooming and the butterflies were abundant. The mosquitoes weren't too terrible but bug spray was a must.
The gardener and the girls

Friday we went to the beach and Saturday we went out in Grandma's boat. It was a good thing we had 2 smart men along with us. The key on the boat broke, so my handy husband and his engineer brother made it work with the metal end of a bungee strap and 2 band-aids. Other than that, no hiccups. Sunday night, the girls were in bed by 8 o'clock which is downright rare around here. They must have had fun too.


Sidhe said...

Wow! Great pics, the one with the gardener & the girls looks like it could get you some money, girl!

Looks like a blast was had by all! Don't worry about missing the news, it was non-stop Palin-Jackson...and no one knows anything more than what they knew last week...

Logical Libby said...

A bungee cord and band aids? They are the backwoods MacGuyvers...

Beautiful pics!

Riot Kitty said...

Great pictures! It looks like it was a very fun trip.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Looks like a great trip. Love the shot of the gardener and the girls in the water.

skyewriter said...

How fun... and how inventive of the Gardener and Bro-in-Law.

Glad there weren't any bears this year. Those pics you posted from last year scared me the first time I saw them :).

LL Cool Joe said...

I agree with Sidhe, I think that photo of the gardener and the girls is a really great shot!

Sounds like a really enjoyable trip.

sheila said...

WOW, nice photos! I think my favs were the one with 'the gardner and the girls in the water'...lol.

And the wildflower one. So cool.