Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

Since it is Wardrobe Wednesday and I'm still wading through all of the photos I took over the weekend, I think I will share some Hog Wrestling fashions.

First off we have a man in a woman's tank top, denim skirt and knee high socks.
Next is my brother wearing the Gardener's zebra striped hat and smoking a cigar.

And let's not forget the ladies. Usually it's very hot and humid for this event, but this year it was quite cool. There were many less women than usual wearing the skimpiest of bathing suits, but there was one woman wearing one of those ridiculous looking cut away bathing suits with a big baggy sweatshirt on over the top, unzipped. Not a good look!

Check out all of the Wardrobe Wednesday fun at Heathen Family Revival!


Kelly said...

But how else do you air out your love handles. Those swim suits are just practical.


Funnyrunner said...

oh so you saw me at the swine event, huh? What... you didn't like my bathing suit?

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

The swine event is for the fashion forward for sure.

LL Cool Joe said...

So you see I'd fit in really well among everyone there! Except I'm not in fancy dress!

Great photos! Love them!

Riot Kitty said...

The tank top creeped me out the most, but the swimsuit is a close second. Especially if the same guy wears it!

Shady Lady said...

The fashion runway is next for certain!