Tuesday, September 22, 2009


...years ago yesterday, the Gardener and I were helping some friends build a retaining wall in their front yard. It was a huge project so they called all of their handy friends and we got to work. Dirt, concrete, heavy lifting. You name the body part and it was probably sore after that long day. We went home, showered and planned to go straight to bed. As I was getting dressed after my shower something happened, something strange, scary and exciting all at once. My water broke! Mae was on her way.

We read all the books, attended the class even watched "the video" so I thought we were prepared. We knew exactly what to do. As soon as my water broke, I started writing down the frequency of my contractions and called the hospital. The nurse on the phone says "Oh, this is your first baby? You have plenty of time. Take a shower, (yeah, did that) call your family (Oh do I have to?) and come to the hospital."

I'll spare you most of the labor details but I will say that when people make a blanket statement about how long it takes for a woman to have a baby, don't believe them. My water broke at 8:30 PM and Mae arrived at 12:12 AM. Less than 4 hours start to finish. We were told that the first one takes a long time to arrive. "Plan on at least a whole day."The nurse didn't even believe my husband when he said the baby was coming. She put me on the toilet (thinking I just had to shit). Mae was almost born in the potty. The nurse was caught off guard and begged me to wait to push until she could set up the room and call the doctor. I didn't have an epidural so it was just me trying to relax and not let the contractions get the best of me. My very patient and extremely tired husband was coaching me along every step of the way. I'm not sure how, but I waited for the doc and almost as soon as he walked through the door, Mae made her appearance.

The next morning we didn't show up to help our friends finish their landscaping project. I kept telling them that we were going to have a baby on Sunday, my actual due date and they all thought I was crazy. Well, Crazy was right.

The early days of having a baby in the house were tiring. Up all night, trying and failing at breast feeding, getting the dogs used to a new crying, screaming, stinky, attention hog. Eventually we all got the hang of it and now all of a sudden she's turning 7. How does it all happen so quickly?

This last year for her has been difficult at best. The hospitalization, IVs, doctor visits but she's taken it all in a stride while making the most of it. Remember the cupcake?

Mae has made a special request of Orange Chicken for dinner tonight with vegetable pot stickers. (She's definitely my kid.) Her Birthday party is this Saturday and last night we heard from 2 more of her friends that can make it. I just hope the weather cooperates.Happy Birthday to my sweet MaeMae!


Kelly said...

It always amazes me when I hear about fast-laboring women being asked to wait for the doctor. What for? Clearly, this baby knows what she's doing.

I might just be jealous though, since my little squatter was forced to vacate the premises by a surgeon.

Happy Birthday Mae!!!

*oh my, the verification is evitch

Riot Kitty said...

Happy b.day, Mae!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Happy birthday Mae.

LL Cool Joe said...

Happy Birthday Mae!!

Yeah, where do the years go??

cherie said...

oh wow, some experience!~~~ well, don't worry, my dear, even if the weather doesn't cooperate, you have a lovely daughter, and i wish her a happy, happy blessed birthday!

sheila said...

OH! Sweet sweet wonderful post! happy Birthday to both you and Mae!