Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday- School Picture Day

Some mornings I feel like the bus can't get here fast enough. Today was one of those mornings. The girls were cranky. They didn't want to get dressed. Especially not in those terrible clothes I picked out for them. "But you need to look nice today, it's picture day." I hollered from the kitchen as I was trying to make them something to eat that they wouldn't complain about. "Well I'm not wearing that dress" Binny whined while pointing her finger at a very cute sweater dress that has never been a problem up until now. "The button in the back gets caught in my hair." After holding up outfit after outfit I started to lose my cool. "you will wear one of these 3 outfits. I don't care which one but I'm not running upstairs any more, this is it!" Finally she chose another dress. "Fine, now go eat your breakfast" I say as I brace myself to go through the same song and dance with Mae "But I only want bubble gum for breakfast!" says a sassy Binny as she stomps off toward the kitchen.

On to Mae. "I want something pretty. Why can't I wear what I wore yesterday?" "Oh you mean the dirty outfit that is sitting in the hamper? Not happening Mae, find something else." "But I don't have any pretty clothes, all I have is rags!" (note to self- get rid of the Cinderella DVD) "Go upstairs, find something and come down to eat breakfast. You are 7 years old now, you can get yourself ready."

We made it through breakfast and no Binny did not have bubble gum.

Since last year's school photos were a waste of $60, we decided not to purchase any prints this year. Binny had a weird hair flip thing going on and the photo company never offered re-takes. And since I take hundreds upon hundreds of photos of my children, getting the school photos are not necessary. Even if the children aren't ordering a photo package, their photo still gets taken to be included in the class collage (which at the last minute I decided to buy for $6 a pop).

Not that this was the morning for such an endeavor but I figured as long as the girls were dressed for school pictures, I would take a few outside as we were waiting for the bus. Staged, school portrait style. I hauled out a stool from the kitchen and my camera. Binny by now had some food in her tummy and was being somewhat cooperative. She plopped herself up onto the stool and smiled, while her hair again had a mind of it's own.
Mae, our hard start in the morning anyway was still not in the mood to cooperate and certainly not in the mood for me to photograph her. This was the best she would give me, a half smile. Between clicks, the half smile would turn into a full scowl.
The bus pulling into view was the most beautiful sight on this cloudy Wardrobe Wednesday. Amazing how my kids seem to turn in their devil horns for angel wings when they hop on the school bus. Their teachers and bus drivers never have a bad thing to say about either. "They are both such a delight!"

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Riot Kitty said...

Pics are great! $60 for school photos now, and no retakes? You've got to be kidding. Thank god for digital cameras...

Aliceson said...

Well the photos are $30 per child but since Binny's were bad, we didn't give out any of Mae's either. And of course nowadays the fee is required up front before we can even proof the photos.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Oh my gosh. Those are too cute. Binny is adorable and Mae so sad. Caitlin looked like that for last year's first day of school pics.

True Blue Texan said...

You must keep that last picture of Mae for posterity. Print it up. Pull out when she's a teenager or better yet when she's got a serious beau who wants to know everything about her. Then you can recant this story and get your revenge.

Or use it for blackmail.

It's part of the deal as a parent. They get to drive you nuts. You get to embarrass them at some later date for said trip to the funny farm, preferably with some sort of physical evidence.

Kelly said...

Less drama? At my house? I've fooled you all!

The jumper with buttons is so cute.

I think you should get yourself a really ugly gray back drop and take embarrassing school photos, for black mail purposes.

LL Cool Joe said...

I love that last grumpy photo!! It's kinda nice to capture the miserable moments too! None of us are smiley all the time! Well I rarely am, but that's another story.

Great Wardrobe Wednesday!

sheila said...

School photos are so incredibly overpriced. At one point I did the the one photo for the school and just did my own. Cheaper and WAY nicer