Friday, May 28, 2010

7 Things That Make Me Grumpy

I was tagged by Jean from Raising 2 Boys 1 Day At A Time in a fun meme called 7 Things That Make Me Grumpy. I always have good intentions to play along after being tagged, but lets face it, it doesn't always happen. Today was just one of those days filled with grumpy moments (but not all, it ended up being a full but not so terrible day after all) and me muttering foul words under my breath. A perfect day to let out the grump I've been holding in... Thanks Jean for the opportunity to let it all out!

So here goes. 7 things that make me grumpy:

1. Getting up early on a morning that I need to be somewhere at a certain time and finding out that my car is suddenly spewing antifreeze all over the place.

2. Needing to drive my husband's work van instead of my car and remember that the thing is HUGE, has no rear view mirror (wouldn't do any good with a big wall divider and no back window to look out of.) and is more or less a rolling billboard. The look from the guy mowing his lawn near the 4 way stop sign in town was a little weird. Apparently I can't pass for an electrician.

3. Low fat cottage cheese. Seriously, that shit is terrible!

4. When the Internet is slow. We had a storm the other night that knocked out our Internet and now two days later, it's back on but still running slow and cutting out occasionally.

5. When my husband forgot to take my rubber shoe covers that I wear at the farm out of the truck during this morning's holy shit the car isn't working shuffle.

6. Know-it-all moms from my kids class. Today the one mom (with perfect Farrah Faucet hair) was an expert on everything bowling during the class field trip to the bowling alley. First she tried to tell me that I had given out the wrong shoes to the kids in my group. The shoes were right just that the bowling alley guy (someone who takes his job as bowling alley attendant way too seriously) shorted us a pair. After that she was all "you know I used to score bowling tournaments for cash in high school." Thank goodness for modern technology and computers that do all of that nowadays without a smart mouth to boot.

7. And the last thing that makes me grumpy is coming home to a messy house or a sinkfull of dirty dishes. The Gardener tries his best, but once in a while...

I'm exhausted and it's officially the start of the holiday weekend (meaning I'm sipping an ice cold beer) so I'm not tagging anyone else today but if anyone else would like to share what makes them grumpy, I'd love to hear about it.

Have a great weekend all!


Riot Kitty said...

Only 7?! I could write a book. Scratch that, several books.

Christina said...

I think grumpy is in my DNA. Here's hoping tomorrow is better.

sheila said...

When I clean out the bathtub and then someone flys in there and takes a frickin bath. And then that person doesn't clean the tub out. Bastards. lol

Sidhe said...

Aw, the good news is that eventually everything gets better! Enjoy that beer, I'm looking forward to (at least) one cold one in September.

Out in Them Sticks said...

Funny about the van.

I'm always bitchin' about our internet! I'm with ya!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Thanks for participating! I love your #6 because know it all people annoy me just as much as stupid people. Actually, I think they are one in the same. I laughed out loud reading that one because I know a few people just like that.... haha! I hope your weekend got better!!