Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday- Bike Helmets

We went for our first family bike ride of the year last weekend!

Mae has mastered the two-wheeler but Binny is still a little nervous about not having those dinky little training wheels attached to her bike.
While we were down at the bike trail (which runs right along the Railroad tracks) Mae wanted to try and climb the mountain giant pile of rocks
And me? I couldn't get enough of those big puffy clouds in the sky!


Kelly said...

Awesome photos as usual!

Random musing on bike seat adjustments:

I have always been told that the seat should be high enough that the leg on the lower pedal is almost completely extended. When I do this on Vi's bike she seems terrified of the height. To me, it looks uncomfortable to have your knees so high, but I guess kids don't mind.

Jan said...

Have I told you that your kids are adorable? No?

Your kids are ADORABLE.

And those are sylin' bike helmets.

Jan said...

STYLIN'. Stylin' bike helmets.

I blame the's so convenient.

Aliceson said...

Kelly, My kids like the seat low too. Mae was actually riding a larger bike (20" I think) last fall but she didn't feel very safe from that height, plus it had only a hand operated brake, so that combined made it a little more tricky. Binny too, if she can't put both feet flat on the ground, she'll freak.

Jan, Thanks! Ha! you crack me up!

LL Cool Joe said...

But no elbow pads!! Ouch!

Love the clouds too.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

They are adorable bike riders.

sheila said...

Beautiful girls. And Mae is looking so much older!