Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today's The Day

Finally after a week of stressing about the mud chunks in the garden and doing everything in our power to break them up so we could finally plant, our garden is ready to plant! I know, it's almost surreal even that it's that time already. Ever since the Gardener mowed down my brussels sprouts last fall (the abrupt end to my 2009 garden season) we have been planning out the garden for this year, bigger and badder being the theme.

Yesterday afternoon Binny and I planted the flowers we started from seed 10 weeks ago. Check out these healthy roots! While we planted flowers, my father in law brought over his ride on rototiller and rode around in the garden smashing the rock hard chunks of dirt and clay.
The Gardener continued the dirt busting when he got home from work and was still hard at it when I got home from my shift at the farm.

By the time the sun was setting the garden was as smooth as it's going to get and we had the garden measured and the rows marked out. Any guesses on how big the garden is??? I thought it was about 40' x 40' but it turns out it's more like 55'x64'. Guess I was a little off. Yes, that's a bit big but the Gardener wanted the rows to be wide enough that he could get through and cultivate with the ATV. He is the 4 wheel drive Gardener after all...

My brother is coming over today to help plant since the Gardener is back to work and today is forecast to be another beautiful day with a chance of rain tomorrow. Full update on Monday! Anybody else gardening today?

One more thing. Happy Birthday to one of my most loyal readers (and sister gardener) Angela! I know you probably aren't up to gardening quite yet with that brand new babe and all, but knowing you I wouldn't be surprised if you were! We'll be thinking of you out in the garden today!


Kelly said...


skyewriter said...

I need to get out in the garden, but threw my back out again Monday. I keep waiting for a good day to take pictures.

Your patch o' Earth looks awesome!

Hope you and yours are well.

Out in Them Sticks said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I know how excited you were to get things in the ground. Your plants look awesome!

I think I may be harvesting some broccoli for dinner tonight. It's nice again here after about 3 solid days of rain and colder than usual weather (excellent for the broccoli ... though not so much for my eggplant!)

sheila said...

that is one BIG HONKIN garden!!!! WOW! Looks great!. Mine sucks. Most of my stuff died already! lol. I actually put in some seeds today and hopefully start over but not in the house, in the actual garden. Very disappointing. I think it was the windy cold and rainy weather.

Riot Kitty said...

That would be an abrupt end! So if my plants stay alive on the porch (being in a relatively urban area), I'll let you know ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind that I just featured your blog as my Feature Friday today!!

Rudy Rukus said...

Wow that is one amazing! garden. I am extremely impressed. I wish I had the space to have a garden like that! visiting from Feature Friday

Uncle Fred said...

So sweet I to love to garden! Love your blog ! I am your Az Grands friend, B's daughter! Deb