Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Tuesday

Real quick, while the Gardener is reading another chapter of Little House On The Prairie to the girls, I think I'll sneak in a couple random thoughts.


I spent the afternoon pulling 4 (5 gallon) buckets full of weeds from the asparagus, strawberries and the new flower bed we put in a few weeks ago. Weeding in between the tiny asparagus and strawberry plants is a total pain but I think it really makes a difference, plus it looks so good now!

Last night as the Gardener and I were getting ready for bed we somehow ended up in a conversation about ponies and then in what I can assume was a moment of brain deadness from being so exhausted (it must have been 8:30 or so... perhaps even 9:00) I convinced myself that ponies were just young horses. Then I tried to explain it all to the Gardener but I totally lost it and started laughing when the whole colt equals foal equals pony conversation came about. Then it was time for bed. I guess that's what fresh air and sunshine does to me...

There was more action in the Squeak last week but I didn't have a chance to blog about it. The local Christians took out a 3 page ad titled Stealth Jihad. It was an article that ran in American Legion magazine. Basically it was a scare tactic, full of false info (for the last time, we are not at war against Muslims!) and half truths and all kinds of criticism against our current president. There was also another ad that I thought was interesting as a follow up to the previous week's ad about Allah and Islam being the Anti-Christ. Let met be clear, I am not siding with Islam or do I think that religious based extremism is in any way acceptable by saying this local group should be able to worship wherever they please as long as they are within the limits of the law, nor am I trying to bash Christianity. I am happy being a skeptical heathen and think that if people want to practice Islam or Christianity or anything else, they should be able to do so as long as they aren't infringing on the rights of others while doing so. Scaring local residents with words like terrorism and Jihad in my mind isn't a very neighborly thing to do.

That's it for me. Be sure to stop by Keely's blog for the whole Random Tuesday line up.


Kelly said...

People who spend a whole day weeding and caring for asparagus and strawberries seem to be much more rational human beings.

Perhaps the writers down at "The Squeak" need to take up gardening?

Beta Dad said...

Nothing brings people together like a common (imaginary) enemy.

Jenni said...

Can't wait to see photos of that weeded garden!

Riot Kitty said...

You really have a paper called "The Squeak"? :)

Aliceson said...

RK, no that's just what we call it. It's actually called the Lakeshore Weekly but considering it's mostly classified ads (they don't have any writers or publish any actual news, just a way for residents to sell lawnmowers and complain about other residents) I think our nickname fits.

sheila said...

Amen to that. (your last paragraph). I actually spent a couple hours today sending out snopes links to some persistant relatives who seem to believe that Obama is canceling the national day of prayer.

Otherwise I wouldn't bother....but it baffles and befuddles me when people distribute false info.

Every religious group has their own extremist types. Every group has some nuts. Doesn't make um all bad.