Monday, March 23, 2009

Hopped Up On Cold Meds Again

Yeah we're sick again. It all started last week when Binny started sniffing and snotting. I kept her home from school on Wednesday but sent her on Thursday because she was feeling better and it was her turn to provide the snack for the class. It always seems that snack day falls on a day when my kids are sick or some other huge pain in the ass that makes snack preparation all the more fun for mommy. But really that's a whole other post!

No big deal, just an ordinary head cold but of course x4 and it lasted all weekend. Starting today I'm feeling better and the girls are up and running around. ...Oh yeah, no school this week. Spring Break, yippee! When do I get a break? Seriously, this morning I woke up to an elbow in my side and Hubby saying, "come on, get up, you gotta get MaeMae ready for school." Hello! Spring break? Am I the only one who pays attention around here? I shouldn't complain, he did make dinner last night after I said for the thousandth time "I'M NOT DOING IT, FEED YOURSELF!" Frozen pizza for all!

My goal for today is to catch up on blog reading (seriously, you people are making me look bad)and clean my kitchen floor because apparently being sick also makes us very clumsy. My girls must have spilled at least 3 glasses of juice over the weekend. There is nothing I hate more than a sticky, dirty floor. And I'm sure there's a whole basket of snotty hankies to wash.


Such Lovely Freckles said...

Oh no!!! Sending you lots of healthy vibes. Get well soon.

Shady Lady said...

So sorry about the sickness! Sending wellness thought to you!!

sheila said...

Glad your feeling better. Seems like illnesses were worse this year then normal, doesn't it?

And Spring Break already? Gosh, I have to check the schedule. I think mine are off starting Good Friday but I don't even know. lol

Uhhh. You know, once Spring Break starts, summer break is not far behind.

Debbie said...

I'm not making you look bad. I feel like I am so far behind, I'll never catch up!