Friday, March 13, 2009

Explosive Diarrhea, Pole Shed, Chainsaw, Mom Pizza and Bed Hair

Today I kept Mae home from school because she has explosive diarrhea. Lovely! Hubby told her to "sit down for a while" then insisted that she was well enough to go to school. She barely made it the 15 feet to our bathroom, I figured that if I send her I would be running to school in an hour with a change of clothes. So, we are all home today and I'm starting to have that queasy feeling too. I'm not sure if it's actually a stomach bug or just the smell of my (previously clean) bathroom that is making me nauseous.

Hubby is up on the shed replacing the skylights, thanks to last Sunday's wind/ice storm.

I guess we lost a tree too. It was an ugly tree and in a bad spot so I guess it was just as well. At least it didn't fall on our rickety garage. My FIL was happy to come over, cut the tree down and make firewood.

Last night we made pizza for dinner. Of course I make my own dough (don't roll your eyes at me! I saw you) it's super easy and tastes so much better than store bought. Plus the girls like to kneed the dough, so I didn't even have to do the hard part.

I made one big pizza and only mommed up one side with pesto sauce, spices, artichokes, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli onions and mushrooms. The other 2/3 of the pizza had standard sauce, pepperoni and some of the same veggies from my side.
Mom Pizza
I took Binny to get a haircut yesterday with the hope that it would help her bed hair problem.
Nope, didn't help, but it is a cute cut.


Kelly said...

Mmmmm, explosive diarrhea AND pizza? You really know how to set the mood.


Rachel said...

Of course! Everybody knows the antidote to explosive diarrhea is SITTING DOWN.

And the pizza looks DELICIOUS! (and you caught me mid-eye-roll) ;)

Shady Lady said...

Wow! I sure am glad I finished my breakfast just before reading your post.;)

Out in Them Sticks said...

that stomach bug sucks!!!!

oh, and cute cut too! perfect for the warmer weather that's comin'!

Such Lovely Freckles said...

I would never roll my eyes at homemade pizza dough. I make it too. :)
Hope you're feeling fine.

Fiona said...

LOVE the hair ... we have the same issue here! Another little award for ya at my bloggy

Heather said...

I am sorry I eye rolled only because I wish I could cook - I try I really do - I love food - I am just not good at following recipes.

I love her bed hair - my daughter calls hers either crazy or birdsnest hair.

Stomach bugs - ugh! Hope you feel better soon.

Sidhe said...

Love the hair and the pizza but I'll take a pass on the poops. Next time my little'un has that problem I'll recommend the sitting down cure (and I thought my husband was goofy).

The word is trodecop which I believe is a device that monitors your mind for illegal thoughts by virtue of electrodes. Man, the world is becoming a scary place.

skyewriter said...

I feel for you, Aliceson.

I had that stomach bug (exploding you-know-what and all) not that long ago.


I hope you are feeling better.

On another note, that pizza looks yum.mee.

I've said it before, cooking, photos of that cooking-- you need to put together a cookbook...

I'd buy one.

You can do self-publishing relatively inexpensively online; the printers print per order.

Seriously, the world needs your pop-over, grapefruitni, and pizza recipes :).

Anonymous said...

The pizza looks delicious! YUMMMMMMM! Explosive diarrhea is so awful...sorry you had to deal with that!

bettyl said...

And she's cute enough that it doesn't matter!

Pizza. Yum!