Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Garden Club

Well, as expected my gardening in the last week has been on the light side.

I was able to do some shopping for the starter veggie plants last Tuesday but they sit on my back patio not planted. Saturday night as I was watching the news here at the hospital, I heard that there were frost warnings issued for our area overnight. After I freaked out a little and wished we were home and not here, I called our neighbors and they agreed to run over and put our plants in the garage for us. Thanks K and B!

The Gardener went home yesterday and will be off of work today and tomorrow, so he was hoping to clean the house get the garden tilled one more time, then set up some of the trellises for the climbing plants, while Binny is off at school today.

Also last week Monday, before all of this hospital junk began, I worked up the soil around all of our fruit trees, mostly to remove all of the weeds, then I added fresh mulch to each tree. They look so much better. Most of the apple trees are starting to blossom but the peach trees only just started to get their leaves. The peach trees don't do as well as the Apples in our climate, but there is nothing better than a fresh, juicy peach in the middle of summer.

The tulips are still blooming and most of my perennials are up and growing. Once we get home (hopefully tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!) I need to give my blueberry bushes an acid treatment and pick some of our huge rhubarb. My mother-in-law said yesterday that she came over and picked some of our rhubarb for a rhubarb pie, but yet she didn't bring any for us. ;) Oh well, in a few days we'll be home enjoying our own rhubarb and picking what's left of my spindly asparagus.

Binny says the tulips smell like Pillsbury crescent rolls. Leave it to Binny to come up with that one.Binny picked some tulips for Mae last Friday to take a little piece of home to the hospital

Now it's your turn bloggers. What's growing in your yard? Since I'm cooped up here, I would love to hear how your gardens are growing. No Mr. Linky today. Again the wifi here is being super helpful (sarcasm), but I shouldn't complain. We actually have it pretty good and I am very thankful to be blogging at all. Later this afternoon I'll post an update on Mae.


AmyG said...

Beautiful tulips! And that was so sweet of Binny to bring some to Mae.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that MaeMae gets to come home tomorrow.

Riot Kitty said...

Sweet pics! I am in an apt. and have no yard, but I got two new basil plants. To encourage them to grow, Mr RK made a tiny sign that says "basil season" and put it in one of the pots :)

LL Cool Joe said...

Great photos again.

I wish I had something to photograph that is worth showing. We did have a fairy ring though. That's quite dramatic but a pain in the butt really because it leaves a great big round circle, which looks like the UFO have landed in our garden.

2 Brits, 2 Yanks, 2 Dogs said...

I've just read your last 9 posts - OMG! I hate it when you KNOW there is something more than a 'virus' and the Dr's try to fob you off. I have been there done that!

I am glad she is doing better and I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will be home tomorrow.

Sending good vibes!


Bonnie Domrois said...

*Keeping my fingers crossed that you will all be sleeping in your own beds tomorrow*

Our asparagus started coming up a week or so ago. They are so sweet and pretty thick, but not nearly as good as last year.

My sugar snap peas are about 2 inches tall and yesterday I planted some 80 onion bulbs.

We tilled on Saturday-so my arms were not ready to plant much else yet.

Sorry, no photos...I'm not so very good at posting'll have to come over and see them for yourself when you get back.

Hope to be seeing you all soon!