Friday, January 23, 2009

Hair Of The Blog Part 1

Rachel at Reservation For Six came up with a ridiculous fun idea for a blog contest. If you've seen the photo on my sidebar then you probably can guess where this is going. Hair Of The Blog '09 Contest. That's right a hair growing contest, and since I recently wrote about shaving certain feminine body parts in celebration of the new president, and the removal of some dead wood, how could I say no?
Lets face it, women have a lot of upkeep especially after a few children. Luckily I'm not a super hairy person so I don't need to shave my legs everyday in the winter or even in the summer for that matter, but I try to keep them at least manageable, and I only shave the tops of my toes about twice a year. I never even thought about toes until a few years back when I heard something about it on the radio (before I made the switch to public radio of course). Some bubbly radio personality was talking about hairy toes and sandals. Apparently, that is a huge no-no! So from then on I started to consider toe hair removal seriously but only as a bi-annual event rather than an everyday thing. So that said, I have decided to let myself go for 2 weeks.

I will be growing my leg hair and toe hair(s). And if hubby does complain , he will be reminded that he grew a full beard during Christmas so he could sculpt his face into a white trash, Nascar fan with sideburn chops on New Year's Eve. I kissed his furry face for a whole month, and we have a no toe kissing policy, so I'm safe there. I'm not even sure that hubby would notice, so I' m not telling. I'll wait and see how long it takes for him to figure it out on his own, unless he's started reading my goofy blog.

Here's how it works if you want to join us:
Click on the link above or on the sidebar photo to get to the contest rules on Rachel's blog, and she's promised a prize for the winner. Enter, it will be fun. You do not need a blog to participate.

I will be posting next weekend with an update and photos. Rachel will have all of the entrants' photos up on her blog to vote on.

Good luck and happy hair growing!
Before Pics:

hairless toes

freshly shaved left leg complete with bumps... It's so dry here.


Out in Them Sticks said...
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Out in Them Sticks said...

oh my word! too funny. I'm not sure how much hair I could grow. Even when I haven't shaven my legs in a really long time (like months), I don't think I'd have enough to show up on a photograph. Hubby thinks I'm weird like that.

Kelly said...

It's on like Donkey Kong! Nice toes.

skyewriter said...

A) I don't shave after Halloween so I am way ahead of you all! (bwahahahahaha)

B) I will never take pictures of my gross hairiness and post them online--I am (almost) a college professor, for christ's sake.

C) I'll have more fun watching you all grow fuzzy and stubbly.


Aliceson said...

If I had a real job, I probably couldn't do this either.

Sidhe said...

I'm with Skyewriter on this one, the only shaving I do between fall and summer is the pits. I wish you lots of luck (maybe, eat a lot of jello) in your pursuit of the hirsute crown!

Rachel said...

Awesome, Aliceson! I laughed all the way through your post!!! So glad you guys are such good sports (i.e. as ridiculous and immature as me! LOL)

Good luck!

Shady Lady said...

Just thought I'd come on over to say "hi" and check out the competition.