Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back To Cute Kids And Remodel Update

Thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday's post. Whether you agree with me or not, I appreciate your thoughts on this very sensitive issue of children and religion. I left up my previous posts because I believe that this is a very valid conversation that cannot be ignored.

Also I want to welcome new blogger, Bonnie. She's not new to the blogging world but she's new to mine. Bonnie and her husband live near us and I'm so happy that they do. Bonnie came to my rescue this summer when Rocko (my dog, not a child) got in a fight with a raccoon. Binny and I were home alone, and I was hopped up on benadryl from a nasty case of poison ivy. Bonnie saved the day with her calm voice and a handful of firecrackers. Thank you Bonnie. Now go check out her blog.

Now back to cute kids and a remodel update:

Binny's best hat. I'll be sad when that one is too small.

installing the new tub

Hubby spent all day Saturday framing, plumbing and wiring. We're at the point where the kids can walk right through the studs, where eventually a wall will be. If you've ever built a house or remodled you know what I mean. Very fun for the little ones. "Look mom, I'm in the bathroom, now out, now in, now out, now in." You get the picture.