Thursday, January 22, 2009

Plumber's Crack

So, her butt crack isn't really showing, but cute anyway. Mae was helping Hubby move the toilet so we could put the washer into the new laundry room. The toilet, door and part of the wall had to be removed for this simple little five minute project.

***And Mom, before you call and chew me out for letting Mae touch the dirty underside of our toilet, I will have you know that she was promptly whisked into the shower and thoroughly disinfected after her helper duties were complete.***


Rachel said...

Sometimes, my 3rd grader really DOES have a plumber's crack. I hesitate to tell her; I don't want her to be embarrassed when some jerk kid at school points it out, but I don't want her to run from the kitchen in tears and refuse to ever get dressed again because she is THAT dramatic.

New laundry room? Awesome!

skyewriter said...

Love your new look!

I wish I was getting a new laundry room, but am VERY happy for you that you are!


Anonymous said...

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