Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Fun

Yesterday was still very cold, but we couldn't stay inside any longer. The snow was calling us. The girls played and I snapped photos until my battery got too cold and stopped working.


Skeleton training

I won't be receiving parent of the year with that bit of exposed leg.

she had to wade through the deep snow to get to the swing set, but it was worth it.

The dog that never gets cold.

He could stand at the top of the snow pile for hours watching the snowmobilers ride through the field... or until his little legs are numb.


skyewriter said...

Looks like the girls and doggies had a lot of fun.

Reminds me of days like that when I was a kid, running around in the freezing cold sunshine until my breath felt like needles in my lungs.

Then mom would make hot cocoa with marshmallows (I need to eat a snack).

Great pictures as usual!

Is that Saint Bernard yours, too?

We grew up with Saints in our family. Such funny dogs with sweet personalities.

Try to stay warm! :)

Have to put this, too.
Verification Word: tionfer
pronounced tee-ON-fer
Definition: High tea taken on a bear rug instead of a settee.

AmyG said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun!