Monday, January 26, 2009

Sudafed and Home Improvement

We're still not over this terrible head cold. How can that much snot can be coming out of our bodies? We have gone through 3 boxes of tissues this past week and all of us have raw noses and upper lips. Despite our illness, we spent all weekend working on the bathroom projects.

Yesterday I ran (actually I drove) to Menard's to get a few things to finish up our bathroom. $150 later and I still needed a toilet. I did manage to pick up a cute mirror, a new vanity top and a variety of plumbing supplies. After I loaded everything into the car and started driving home, hubby called to tell me he needs one more thing. So I figure fine, I'll just stop at Home Depot on the way home, get his stuff and pick up a toilet while I'm there. I get in the store, find hubby's junk and head for the pottys. I found a great deal on an all-in-one toilet set complete with the seat on sale for 80 bucks.

Ok, you got me, I really bought the toilet because it had a name only appropriate for a toilet.

The problem with the all-in-one is that everything is all in one extremely heavy and huge box. So, I find a tall orange-aproned employee to hoist my toilet onto my cart and off I go with another $100 worth of stuff.

I get out to my car, fold down the back seats and rearrange the trunk contents to accommodate my big commode. I pulled my car up to the front doors of the store where yet another employee (this would be the guy who retrieves the carts, wearing an orange safety vest and matching hat) was standing with my cart. I open the trunk and the guy just stands there and looks at the situation like he can't handle the task of lifting a toilet into the trunk of my car. My car has a huge trunk but a very small trunk hole, which seems to be a more important quality,if you ask me. So, he struggles to get it in the hole as I rearrange my other purchases one more time. After what seemed like forever out in the cold, a big guy with a beard and a cigarette hanging from his mouth comes over and says "here, let me do it." Without putting out his cigarette, he grabs my toilet and swiftly rotates it into the trunk of my car. I thank him and the cart pusher and head for home.

Later on while hooking up the plumbing on the sink, a plastic drain fitting broke and we didn't have a spare of that variety. So, back to the store for me. As I pulled into the parking lot my phone rings and it's hubby with a frustrated tone in his voice. "Yeah, you're going to need to get a new crescent wrench, and I might need stitches." I leave the house for 20 minutes and he slices 2 fingers wide open. I quickly found what I needed and take off for home. Hubby didn't end up going in for stitches, probably should have. I got home, helped him clean up and made dinner. After dinner we played a game in the living room with the girls and all of a sudden the power went out, AGAIN.

We set up a tent in the living room for Mae and Binny because the heat in the their rooms is electric and it was a whopping 4 degrees outside. We all brushed our teeth by candle light, went to bed and woke up this morning to a warm house. The power went back on around midnight; hubby got up and turned everything off because I was still in a sudafed induced coma, and was only awake long enough to blow my nose. What a fun Sunday!

We're not quite finished. We still need to hang all of the trim and some minor drywall and plaster patching. I also plan to hang some black and white photos.


skyewriter said...

Gosh, you had a hell of a weekend.

At least you managed to keep your sense of humor about it. Love the name of the toilet!

Hope all your family is on the mend soon.

Sidhe said...

Ahh, the greatest mystery of life, where does all that snot come from and how can it replicate so darn quickly?

I hope you all get to feeling better soon.

Congratulations on the bathroom progress, we once had an in-progres bathroom for about 5 years (maybe 6).

Shady Lady said...

Man, what a weekend! I can't help with the home improvement, but I've got two words for you.

Puffs Plus.

No more sore noses. :)

Out in Them Sticks said...

Those toilet manufacturers have a great sense of humor! (Sorry to hear about the incident. I hope y'all are feeling better soon.)

Rachel said...

LOL @ "trunk hole"...

My kids have had that same cold, bouncing back and forth for a couple weeks. I have been lucky enough to avoid it so far. (knock, knock) Hope the snot dries up soon!

Hey, your bathroom looks great! I love room makeovers and my bathroom is in dire need of one, too!