Monday, January 12, 2009

Mommy Belly

Blogger, Kelly from Heathen Family Revival bared her belly this morning on her own blog, and on a blog called The Belly Project. Very interesting, go check it out, unless bellies scare you. Definitely a worthwhile click. Bellies of all shapes and sizes.
So, after I insisted Kelly show hers, I promised to show mine.

Here I am 40 weeks pregnant with Binny (my second child)


and just for fun, here's Binny's after her umbilical hernia repair.


Kelly said...

Alright now missy! Tell me that smooth belly is genetic or I might cry!

Seriously, it goes to show how little control we have over what babies will do our bodies. I only had one kid and I've got the slack belly of a mother of quintuplets. You've had two kids and your belly looks good enough for you pick up a shift at the nearest strip joint.

Aliceson said...

Although the money would be great, I don't have the boobs necessary to moonlight at the strip joint.

I believe genetics have something to do with it.
I am a very short 5'2" 96 pounds. The only time I ever topped 100lbs was during pregnancy. My Grandnmother is the same way, 79 years old and 100 lbs.

Out in Them Sticks said...

The "lightweight" in my family is 4'11" and 185 pounds. you scored on that one! I came from a group of Neanderthals that outlasted many famines. I do believe should an apocalypse like famine were to take hold, I'd live past most people.

I need to do that gene thing from national geographic.

Out in Them Sticks said...

oh, and you've got an amazing bod! The big boobs while being skinny thing is unrealistic... just corporate America trying to make you feel bad about yourself because they want you to buy stuff. you look fabulous!

Rachel said...

Holy crap, Aliceson! If my belly looked like yours, I would have been displaying it all over the world wide web long before now! SOOOO not fair!

I, too, am petite (not as THIN as I once was...), but unfortunately for me, the skinny/gigantic boobs was always VERY realistic. At least they USED to be perky. Now they're just big and saggy. :(

Bravo, Aliceson! Not sure if I'll ever work up enough nerve to post my pics...

Karen Rayne, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for the link to our Belly Project, Aliceson! Both of your belly pics are beautiful, and we'd love to post them on our site if you'd be willin'. Along with everyone else's!

All bellies are beautiful, and it helps all of us if we're able to see the full range of natural and real!

P.S. I was raised UU too. ;)

Anonymous said...

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