Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey, You're In My Spot

Our dog Rocko has a bum leg, sometimes both back legs from a dog vs. car experiment 2 years ago. He gets around ok on 3 legs, but doesn't like to lay on the floor unless it's well padded. So, we've recently started to look the other way when we catch him on the sofa. I just hope he doesn't tell Oliver about our new arrangement.
Who me?


Kelly said...

I am weak about pet discipline. I have the pest nobody likes.

sheila said...

Although Rocko IS very cute, I'm so partial to Oliver! He's a big Saint. Ours is a girl, so they tend to be a lot smaller. She's about 155. How heavy is Oliver? I lovvvvve that short coat! Ours has the longggg hair that, during shedding time, OMG!

Aliceson said...

Wow, 155 pounds, that's one serious Saint. Oliver is only 137 pounds. His father was a hefty 210 and his mother was 145.

At 9 months old Oliver was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, so we started feeding him adult (large breed) dog food to control his size. For a while he had a difficult time getting around and was in a lot of pain. We decided to get another dog for him to excercise (play) with, and it worked! He's 7 years old now and has finally grown out of puppy stage and turned into a lazy pile of wrinkled skin. A wonderful companion, and you know what? I'm never scared to be alone in the house if Oliver is with me.

We shave his coat regularly in the summer and once or twice in the winter. The shorter haircut (esp. the tail) is less weight to carry around on his hips, and is much cleaner. Also the short hair brings him in sooner on cold winter days. He loves, loves, loves the cold, and snow!

Anonymous said...

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